Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Freshmen Year

Seeing so many freshmen come into hostel and college
Brings back memories of how I was just like anyone of them
Clueless, excited, curious and expectant for a new life
To start afresh and anew where (maybe) no one have known you before
And things of the past whether dark or light can be hidden by a personal chance

I came not knowing what to expect
Just knew that there would be no more uniforms!
(dreaded that in the beginning, but enjoying the advantage now)
And that classes wouldn't be as hectic as high school or even primary

There were doubts and fears
Would I make any friends?
Would I be accepted?
Would I do well in my studies?
Would I be able to hand wash my own clothes?
Keep my room tidy?
Be punctual for classes?
Get lost in this huge campus?
Manage my finance?
Fall into peer pressure ?
Like how my friend clubbed the first few months of her college year
(some of which I couldn't keep, besides the clubbing)

There were so many mix emotions
But I think the greatest one was wondering whether my roommate was a Christian
And if not, would she allow me to tear off that 3 charms by the door
Cos I know I'm fully protected nothing else needed
I couldn't eat or think straight the day I was gonna enter hostel
How am I gonna play my guitar and sing to the Lord?
Or even have my quiet time without being watched?

She came in a week later.
My worries were in vain.

She wasn't a Christian but still allowed me to tear them off
Thank God!

Met a bunch of Indians
Fell in love with who they were
And their different backgrounds
Spent almost every night in the canteen hanging out with them
I guess if I stayed in my room the whole time
The fear of loneliness will creep in beside me
But I'm one year wiser now
And I don't do that anymore

Auditioned for TalentTime Night
Just for the stamp to get my free ticket
Ended up in the finals
And unexpectedly received the title
(that in itself is a story to tell, click here)

Went for classes and got a bit of a culture shock
Not only of its different system but of the environment
 Some people in my class I thought weird
But now I truly cherish and admire
In the beginning we were't bonding
Got some of us worried
But now we're slowly connecting

Went to Melaka for a photo shoot
Ipoh for a Hillsong conference!
Both with amazing people
And filled with unforgettable moments
Would never know how I ended up in these places
Crazy how life can get as easy as it shows

Got lost in college quite a few times
Still got lost this year
Confirms the absence of my sense of direction

My Freshmen year 
Not that easy to sum it all here
But it was seriously a roller coaster ride
With God controlling the operating computers
He knew when to hyped things up when I was feeling homesick
Or slowed things down when I couldn't hold a grip
To get me prepared on the verge of a hill
Or hold me intact on a vertical loop
To be by my side when I though I could die
And to give me the feeling of exhilaration and excitement
Besides this crazy ride with overwhelming moments
By God's grace
I managed to finish a full circuit
Fulfilled. Proud. Grateful.

I came with the intention of keeping things simple
Didn't plan to serve in CF or any societies whatsoever
Thought that life before was way too hectic 
  Wanted to "rest"and stay undercover
Things went exactly the opposite
Way more than whatever I expected
Shows how God has better plans and a higher purpose
I don't wanna be a Jonah.

I'm a senior now
And a year wiser
I wanna lookout for the freshmen
Just like how my Father in Heaven looked over me
That way they can see His love
And one day accept him

For whether its my freshmen or senior year
The end time is near
And I have to do something

Live everyday to its fullest and never regret a moment
Accept the praises by giving God the glory
Thanking Him for this pleasant life I live
And keeping Him in mind all of the time
For everything happens for a reason
A lesson I truly learnt
In my freshmen year
(The best year of my life so far)

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