Saturday, May 7, 2011

Feeling the Fulfillment

Finally got my hands on a keyboard whose desktop's internet connection is consistent. After this wacky, crazy, hectic weekend.... I feel fulfilled. Don't know why, don't know how, but I believe it's God.

Non stop on holiday
Non stop back in college
Life was a whirlwind
How I survived I still stand amaze

MC-ing for 3 major college events
In one week, it is super lethargic
And whatever happened in our prayer group
Takes more of our sleep and energy away

Been grumbling in my mind quite a few times
Why did I promise to MC so many events?
I could have stayed home a week longer
And spend time with my family or watch TV together

Slept at 2 and 4 am for a few nights
How I survived the next day I'll never know how
Felt worried and anxiety the night before mass call
What if I failed an MC I could recall

Did my job as best as I could
Received comments bad and good
The bad overpowered the good
Sucking the life out of me
Making me feel not really me

Continued to lead prayer meeting despite feeling so tired
Pulled myself off the bed
Dragged myself to the prayer spot
And sat there when no one was punctual
I felt lonely with no direction

Some indescribable things happen
Controversial in fact
Free thinkers even came
Questioning my bible knowledge

Despite all these happenings
And all the wondering's
Whether the life I am living
Really is worth the things I was doing

To MC all the events that were beyond my capacity
And to lead prayer when members wasn't committing
(or at least I felt)
And to do so many things
I thought of neglecting

Well the check list and to do list
Are all done and have passed
And seriously surprisingly
I really feel fulfilled

God knew I could handle it
That is why He allowed it
And I'm glad He did

The MC-ing to gain a platform
To be known in college and to share the gospel
The prayer leading
To be tested and to learn the ways of God and how He works

This past week was tiring
But it was truly fulfilling

You be God's servant
And just do what is given
Faithfully and obediently
Give it all you got
And leave the rest to Him
The reward of partnering with Him?
The Feeling of Fulfillment.

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