Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sing your song

We tend to compare ourselves with others these days
Never feeling confident about ourselves
We base who we are on what is seen on TV, internet and magazines
Having the need to be a certain weight or height
To truly feel a self-fulfillment

Trying to do things that are beyond us
To actually find our self-worth
Playing the same game no one never played
-If only I was smarter, taller or slimmer
More confident, prettier or musically inclined
The list goes on
And no one is exempted

We compare ourselves with celebrities, siblings and friends
How can he be so funny?
Why can she sing so well?
I wish I had those brains
Are people that good looking even for real?

Focusing on all the wrong  places
Instead of what matters most

We were all wonderfully and fearfully made
Unique in our own different ways
Yet we tend to turn a blind eye on the beauty in ourselves
Painting a hideous picture of what we see in the mirror
Thinking that we could be better

My mom just told me
About singing my own song
Never allowing me to compare myself with others
For I have my journey crafted out for me
No point walking in the path of someone else

God gave me a song
And its my duty to sing it
To sing it well with all my heart
And to never doubt who I am
And all that's within me

No point comparing songs with anyone else
For God's got it written especially for me
And He wrote one especially for you
Sing it well with all your might
And know that the Author of your song is always right

We may get out of key or even out of tune at some point
But who cares because this is your song
And without failures how would we ever learn?
Besides you're singing for Him and no one else
And to Him you'll sound ever so beautiful

Without tuning ourselves to the One who has perfect pitch
We will totally get it all wrong
But once we let go and not try to hard
As the breathing steadies and rhythm takes place
Take courage and sing that one written song specifically for you

He hears you sing
And He'll sing it with you
After all He wrote the song
According to who you truly are
His child

So the next time you start whining and thinking
Why others have it all together
Way better than you
The self esteem and self confidence all gone
And you forget the purpose you live for

Remember that you have your own song to sing
A song so beautiful it'll take His breath away
They have their song to sing too so just leave it to them
And know that you can do it, so just

Sing your song!

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