Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Going to church and seeing the children sing for their moms
How the youth appreciated their mothers effort
How the husbands prayed for their wives
And how each mom teared up as their children gave them hugs
Really made me miss my mom all the more

My mom is really super woman
Juggling work, home and ministry
Training my maid to be a good cook
And always keeping the best interest of me and my sis

As the pastor today shared about the great things and attributes about his mom
I can't stop but think of how my mom have helped me through my darkest moments
She never gave up on me when even I gave up on myself
And always hold me closed letting me know that God is still in control

My thoughts brought me down memory lane and I started to remember of

The time she celebrated with me 
When I finished my Grade 8 ballet with an unexpected distinction
The shuffling to ballet classes for about 10 years paid off
Taking time off work just to make sure I attend my lessons
So many times I cried and wanted to give up
She never allowed it
And now I am grateful

The time when she would lie with me on my bed
When I was going through depression
The feeling of not being able to sleep
And the frustration of seeing a glimpse of that 5 am sunlight
Warning me that I wasted a whole night and the new day would feel hazy
Yet she still laid there beside me
Loosing her sleep ever so willingly

The time when she cried with me
When I lost half my life's savings to a friend I thought was "dear"
We aren't very rich and I needed that money for college
She was more heartbroken than I for she said it was my carefully saved "ang pau's"
Yet she asked me to forgive
And told me with God money should not be an issue

Or zooming way back into time when I wasn't even born yet
When she prayed and prayed for a dear little baby
Someone she can call her own little child
Her prayers paid off and after 9 years
I was born

Or how she could build up the courage to walk away from "bondage"
During the phase my sister was born
To leave a life of security and companionship
With a newborn in hand and our futures at stake
It wasn't easy and 'till now 
I don't know how she did it

Or how she was bold enough to bring my sis and I all the way to Alor Star
A mother with 2 young daughters
A new home, a new job and new schools
It wasn't easy and there was a lot of quarreling
As I was entering my teens
But then is when we really bloom
Where my sister learnt the bass
And I learnt to worship lead
A whole book can be written on that 5 special years
And my mom plays the part as 2nd lead
Allowing God to take the main role

I can go on and on and on
But blogpost are not pages so we have to stop somewhere

My mom is very special
Hard to describe because she doesn't like attention
Even going back during the sem break
One of her close friends told me and deb that we should help her out
Cos all she does is work and work ever so selflessly
And she just seem to be living for the sake of me, deb and God

She's weird in a way 
Because when other mom's ask their children to do well in studies
She always asks us to do better in ministries
(that's why though the limited finance, 
she never stingy on paying for lessons because she believes its a tool for serving God)
And every time I call home telling that I may not be able to maintain my CGPA
As long as I don't cut out my time with God everything would be ok

She's more excited than me for our prayer group
And I tell her every single detail that happens there
Because I do need the covering
And the many prayers she gives me
She tells me to never give up
And make sure I'm always in the centre of God's will
And told me that prayer group is there not because of me but because of God
And to know that God wants it there even more than any of us

I truly thank God for her
For no other mom could fit me better than her
She's the greatest mom in the world
Because she's my mom and God gave her to me
God gave me a gift
Which gave me the gift of life
For without her I wouldn't be drafting this post
And being in awe of how God crafts things out

If you're reading this I hope you will be blessed
To know how much you've blessed me
And to know how much you mean to me
Besides God you are my world
And as I breathe from day to day
I'll never forget this gift of life you gave me
Never giving up on me and deb
And always holding onto the promises of God
You've been through storms and crashing seas
Yet you rise above them with what seems like ease
Never letting words or actions hurled at you
Hinder your faith and relationship with God
Because of you
I am who I am today
And my faith is where it is today
Because I model after the greatest role model ever
On behalf on deb and myself
I would like to thank you
For putting up with our tempers and tantrums
And for making sure we're deeply rooted in God's word
What did we do to deserve a mom like you
Only God knows and I'm truly grateful
And I love you!


Princess Je t'aime said...

very touching :)

Praise God that you have such a loving mother that love God so much.

Tricia said...

Yes Jetaime,
I am truly so grateful to God. =)

Loh Li Li said...

What a tribute to your mum!I am so blown away! I am so sure your mum is so proud of you.

Loh Li Li said...

What a tribute to your mum!I am sure she is so proud of you and your sister.

Tricia said...

Thank you A. Lili!!! =)