Friday, August 12, 2011

Asia Ablaze

Going to Asia Ablaze put my perspectives in place. I'm so glad I went! Thanks to Bong Yang for the constant persuading, my mom for the great encouragement and Amanda for accompanying me, I don't regret a single bit! (Even though it means skipping classes :P) It's been awhile since I felt the power of God and the move of the Holy Spirit and after experiencing it again, I realized just how much I missed it. (no wonder the dry season, most churches find it weird!) But I love the Holy Spirit and it's manifestation. So many things happened in these 3 days with Dr. Newberry and Pastor. Rodney Howard-Browne and his wife Adonica. These are really anointed people of God and I salute them, despite the backfiring and mouth-slandering towards them from people who spread disunity. I never had holy laughter this "bad" until the 2 people at my sides holding my hands had to bear with my jumping, shaking and hysterical laughs! Though it seemed undignified, I enjoyed every moment of it.

So the tongue issue that has always been a controversy (but new to me until I came to KL being exposed to so many denominations) was confronted. Being toss in the wind for so long and sitting on the fence, I have come to a decision that we NEED tongues! Think about it, imagine revival......without tongues. How can we see revival without the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the form of Holy laughter, tounges, shaking, Glory Encounters and being drunk in the Spirit? If we continue to box up the move of the Holy Spirit, He may just pass us by and move on and I just don't want that to happen, especially for where I am right now- TAR college. I respect those who think that tongues are not needed and are more word based. But imagine a "word-based" revival. No lifting hands, no moving, nothing. "Revival's here! Everyone take out your bibles." Loving God is an inward expression that needs to be expressed. I would agree to disagree on this matter, as long as the fundamental is loving God. Anyways, we can have unity in diversity, and we need unity and not uniformity, but what if "this" uniformity means bringing heaven down? Don't we all want that?  I'm sorry for the tone here, I apologize for that but sometimes it can be so frustrating when people start questioning and reasoning or even ridiculing God's anointed like Ps. Rodney. However, I don't apologize on my conviction because I have experienced God and I won't compromise. I would still agree to disagree but I won't stay neutral cos that to me, just seems lukewarm. Cheers!

My new family, World Harvest Church =)

Credits to Jetaime for this photo! Thank you! 


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Thank you Andrew and Jetaime!!!

Amanda Soo said...

You're welcome. =D And amen to what you said about tongues!