Saturday, August 6, 2011

Faith tested

It was almost 1 in the morning
And I heard her screaming
A quick "mom, I need to go
Cos I think someones in deliverance" on the phone
And my heart beats faster hoping I would not see what's been conceived

As I quickened my steps towards that piercing scream
Hoping that it would not be what it seems
I make out the people from a far sight
"Yup, it's people I know"
With a heavy heart I thought

"God, why this if it would only tarnish the name of Christians?"
Why in the open, so public, so uncontrollable
What would people think or perceive of us?
That we're out of control and hopeless?
That we can actually be possessed by the devil?
Questions and thought accompanied me as I rushed to the scene

We have gone so far to be in the favor of guards
To be genuine Christians who are accepted in hostel
But why this, why now?

The scene was something I've never dealt with before
And the help we needed was nowhere to be found
After a few phone calls for help because it was truly beyond us
The words I feared spoken
"You take the lead"
I just didn't know what to do.

I was misinformed that Satan entered
But no way can that be
Cos there's no room for anything when the Holy Spirit is present
But when you're upfront with something so extreme
All you can do
Is to do nothing but pray 

It was scary 
Everyone was praying
Young Christians with trusting faith
But was it the right way?
I think it looked chaotic and helpless to people

People from other religions advising to do different things
"Call her name back!"
"Put this amulet on her, it may help"
All these with good intentions
But I had no choice but to be fervent
And say we don't need all these but the power of God

Then the guards came
And I got afraid
If they were gonna do what they do cos they thought this was an exorcism
Then the dark forces would be backed up
And me being me
I wouldn't dare ask the guard to just stop
Thank God for wisdom and a brave brother
Who just made the guard 

We prayed and prayed
Up to about under an hour
It stopped
And I was relieved
Glad that she was ok
But more happy cos we had the peace
Everyone slept well
Except people who didn't know our God

I look back at this
And I really do wonder
Why did God allow this
The way we prayed for her
The awkward positions
The many passerby's that were curious
The way things were handled
Was it the right way?

Shows all the more how much I need to be rooted in the word
And get under good leadership who can explain this kinda stuff

However so
I believe that this happened for a reason
And God can change what seems like utter disdain
Into something that could glorify Him
To change beauty for ashes
And to bring this generation back to Him

I stand amazed at how the young Christians there
Still had unshakable faith
Despite witnessing an event such as this
Their faith became stronger
And that is great cos we get to reach a whole new level
As we come out of an event such as these unshakable
A whole new level of spiritual maturity is reached
And we just get higher and higher
And stronger and stronger
When we pass the test
When our faith is tested.


Princess Je t'aime said...

And we all learning from time to time, growing from faith to faith :)

danielt said...

ic, Daniel Tie here. tmr lend u a book wif teaching on healing & deliverence. but chinese lo

danielt said...

ic, daniel tie here. tmr lend u a book on healing & deliverance. but chinese one la.... haha. cum prayer group

Tricia said...

Thanks Jetaime! I'm looking forward to what God has in stored for us!

Daniel, ok! I don care whether chinese or not! I also wanna improve my Chinese! See you in prayer meeting!