Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Sem's Exam

This sem's exam
Was the worst one by far

Day 1 of exam:
Accidentally switched my exam slip and didn't check the name.
Wrote my friend's index number on my exam sheet.
Didn't know until 11 that same night.
Didn't really sink in until I realized I'd be getting his marks and mine his.
(If he was a better student I wouldn't mind....just kidding!honesty rules!)

Day 2 of exam:
Screwed up a whole 25 marks question.
Was blank totally.
Never felt like that in my whole college life.
Panicked for a moment.
Roughly calculated in my head whether I could still get an A.
I doubt it.

Day 3 of exam:
Exam on a Sunday.
Not cool.
Had 2pm paper. 
Decided to go for 5pm service.
Was persuaded to go for the 10 am one too.
Caved in.
God will honor my decision.
Went to church.
Was blessed.
Prayed over for Divine wisdom.
Went into exam hall all energized.
Came out thinking "what if I don't do well?"
What kind of a testament would it be?
(Sometimes I don't dare say the paper was easy and God was good
because what if I don't do well? Then God isn't good? what is the 
balance between pulling God into the state of our exams but not letting
it define the greatness of our God despite the results?)

Day 4 of exam (last day):
Woke up rushing to the bathroom.
Food poisoning.
Must be the chicken my friend gave me from bazar.
Had diarrhea more than 4 times.
Prayed it wont happen in the exam hall.
It didn't.
 Thanked God.
Just as I was about to shout "FREEDOM!"
Was told that I had an interview to clean up my mess about the switched exam slips.
Interview in.
Interview out.
No conclusion yet.
Case brought to board of examiners.
Praying that God's grace would redeem my carelessness. 

How my exams have fair this sem?
Only time would tell......

But always believing.
That God knows what I'm doing.
As He continues designing.
His master plan for me.

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