Friday, August 12, 2011

Proud of you

It's been 6 years since we've met
And now looking at you
I see a whole new person
The girl I knew had her head down
The girl I see now knows no boundaries

Coming out from where you come from
A home where wounded kids are brought
You came out of it stronger and tougher
I guess that house did good to you
And I hope lessons learnt there would never be forgotten

You have your freedom now
Use it wisely
But seriously speaking
I'm truly proud of you

Taking such a risk to come to KL
To study and be self-dependent
Not succumbing to the norm
Of how usual teenagers come out of places like that
Wanting to seek freedom
All in the name of rebellion

You found your way around KL
Through strangers that were nice
Thank God for taking care of you
And til now you're still safe and sound

I stand amaze at who you are
And what you've become
Confident, beautiful
And so independent
Not allowing the way of life or your hard environment
Stop you from reaching your dreams

You have a good job
A good boyfriend
And a good education now
Never cease thanking the Lord for them

Braces that even I can't afford
Amway supplements and a cool smartphone
I stand amaze at your self-support
Go get a bible
You can afford it 
And you really need one =P

As you continue this new phase of life
I pray that you'll grow to be more reliant on God
To know that the things of this earth may pass away
But our God would stay the same always
To seek Him first 
And let all else fall into place
That you may find a good church
And find that, your priority
Hope to stay connected to you this time round
And after all that I've seen and heard
I must say that I'm totally
Proud of who you've become.

You truly are one of my silverlinings......keep it up!


Marissa said...

Thank you tricia,this is such a great encouragement for me to continue to move forward with God,u r so special n a sweet friends to me,May God bless u in ur study,luv u <3

Tricia said...

No problem! you have taught me a lesson or 2 too...take care and love ya!