Saturday, August 13, 2011

He is SO close

Been waking up earlier and earlier each day
Don't know why, don't know how
Is it the stress of exams?
God wanting me to pray?

It's just weird. 
Cos I'm a sleeper.
Never had the discipline of waking up by myself
Throughout the whole of my high school

From waking up at 8 to 6
And now 4.30 in the morning
What's going on with me?

Anyways, whether its a wake-up call from God or not
I can't go back to sleep
So the past few days have been filled with
Early morning walks with the Lord <3

Today was a but different
Since its a weekend and most hostelians were back home
I could pray in tounges
Strong tounges out loud
The feeling was awesome

Prayed for a few people
Situations and circumstances
When there were no more words
Tongues =)

Saw my favorite guard and went over to chat with him
It was 6 in the morning
What was I thinking?

Just felt that he was so close to the Kingdom of God
He told me about his life, his worries
His wife, his family
And that he's coming to the end of his life
And would be going home soon


Lesson unexpected-
He told me to treasure my mom
She's the only one on earth
Not someone I can buy from the grocery store
That when I get married one day
To give my husband another 100% of my love
And not divide it among both
That way my mom still receives the same 100% she always had
Unlike him who kinda forgot about his mom
Because he shared his love between his mom and wife
So his mom only received 50% of his love in that time
And now he regrets it
What a cute doctrine,ay?

He also said that after meeting me
I've put some ideas in his head
And got him thinking
"What is life?"

He's decided to resign end of this year
Because he'd rather have a 9 to 5 job
To be able to sleep with his wife and kids at night
And not torture himself with a job which needs him awake
When everyone's dreaming

Not sure whether that's a good idea
Cos it means lesser time for me to share God with Him
And to let him know life isn't about worries and doubts
But about Jesus and the peace and happiness He can give

Something wonderful which he said too
That even the birds don't have to worry bout what they'll eat
Yet we humans strive for provision and food
Rings a bell?

"Look at the birds of the air; 
they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, 
and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. 
Are you not much more valuable than they?"
-Matt 6:26-

Not sure whether he read that in the Koran or something
But I believe its not by coincidence
I wanted to say how valuable he is
But my reasoning came in the way and I just didn't know what to say

Hopefully I can meet him later as I go to church
And give him the answer straight out of the bible
Which he quoted from without finishing the sentence 
That yes, birds have nothing to worry about
Because our Heavenly Father cares for them
But He cares for us more!!!

I pray for him everyday I pass the guard house
That God may open his heart and enlighten him
That he may realize that God does not give suffering
But peace, joy and love
All that this guard needs right now

I'm glad that I've put ideas and thoughts into his mind
Without really realizing
Should be the power of God moving
Don't underestimate any single conversation
It just might be an open door we can't see

He also asked a very good question
Since he's so intrigued by the freedom and care-free life birds have
He wondered where do they die
Good question
Where do birds die?
We see them flying everywhere
But  unlike dead dogs, cats and mice lying on the grounds
We don't see birds falling to their deaths....

I pray before he leaves this place
I'll have the guts to not just stop at sharing Jesus with him
But to ask whether he wants Jesus in
Because through the many dialogues over the weeks
I find that
He is just so close.....


Carissa Law said...

Dear Tricia, I'm going off to church in a while too. Just want to let you know that I'm more than encouraged and stirred by all your thoughts and more importantly, your walk with God. Makes me wanna have more of it too, the zealousness for the things of God and the urge to share HIs love to people all around. May God give you the strength, courage, and wisdom to share that gospel, and by then, do write a post about it, whatever the outcome. Believe that God's name will be glorified whatever the situation as you willingly obey HIs voice. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us! God is good!

Tricia said...

Thank you so much Carissa!! that's such a great encouragement!