Thursday, August 25, 2011

How much I hate flying

Flying back home was a crazy-irritating-restless  struggle this time. Maybe it was because I was stuck between 2 guys. Maybe it was because I didn't get the window seat. Maybe it was because I hated myself cos I was reminded of how petite and short I was when I lugged my hand luggage into the overhead compartment with all the strength I can muster- very embarrassing. Or maybe it was cos no one offered to help and the air steward blocked by a few people could only stare and watch me struggle making embarrassment turn into utter defeat. I have always hated flying but never knew HOW MUCH I hated it til this last trip. The agitating feeling of confinement, with not much leg space and arm rest so tiny it has to be shared plus you don wanna wake the guy sitting next to you with just an accidental jerk of the arm. (makes reading, sleeping, thinking or doing whatever so much harder.) I was reminded that we can actually pray for the seats that we're gonna be placed in which I hope I was able to witness to anyone but to my disgrace, it was 2 guys on a fast and they seemed like they'd rather sleep then strike a conversation. Every minute passed by gruelingly, I wished that I could just land already! Even talking to God was hard.

Anyways, the upside was seeing 2 kids, really tiny toddlers find amusement in flying. They were so tiny I wouldn't be surprise if it was their first time. They were soo cute! Got my mind of flying for a little. And then they're parents made them sit down and I couldn't see their tiny little heads anymore. Got back to counting down every minute. When islands and land started to form, I was so jealous of the guy on my left cos I wanted to see! I would usually be taking pictures and the clicking sound of the person's camera phone in front of me wasn't helping at all. Tried so hard to stare but not stare, to focus on the beauty of God's creation even if it was only the plain blue sky with spots of white on it. But the guy caught me staring and I pretended to be really buried in the book I was reading. "AARRRGGGGHHH!" my head screamed. Went back to checking what time it was. Well at least the destination was very encouraging. So I just focused on the things I'll do in church, the workshop and kids seminar I'll be attending, time spent with friends and family, and other more productive stuff. We were landing and I had to push upright my sit again and it flipped back so fast and hard I hit my head. Wondered whether the guy beside me saw, but didn't wanna look at him but I think he did. = =''. What a day. Finally landed. "Now how am I going to get my bag down without going through the same struggle again" I thought to myself. Anyways, managed to get it down with the help of no one. (jokingly whining tone* where are all the nice people these days?) I would like to believe they were there,just not in my range of sight, helping others with their luggage. If I were tall enough, I would!

Really missed this

Pictures sometimes never justify what we can see with our own eyes.

Never take for granted when you have a friend flying by your side.

My favorite "sky-high" past time.

The Land Below The Wind!!!

I know they say "its not the destination but the journey" that counts. But in this case, if there is any possible way of shortening or just cutting out the whole journey (if I don't get a windows seat) I'd rather teleport my way there. The destination means so much more to me than the journey but because it means so much, I'll just have to put up with going through the journey, and now I'm just rambling....ignore me. lol!

When you have nothing better do, anything and everything becomes your models.
Happy sem-break, college mates!


Amanda Soo said...

I love flying. =) But not getting the window seat would admittedly kinda suck.

L@rRy GuardianSun said...

LOL... loved the flying part. Hates when start to have urge to pee. =D