Tuesday, April 5, 2011

After Desert Times

"Jesus was here!"
Thats what you'll hear
At the end of prayer meeting
From a new girl

This is her second time
Someone who's young in faith
(but is growing ever so quickly)
Saw a vision as we were closing our prayer

We prayed for exams
We prayed for Sarawak
We held hands in unity
And a strong light she saw

6 of us in a tight circle
A strong white light in the centre of us all
She tried looking up to see
How high will this light really be

Too bad we ended with "Amen"
The moment our grasped hands let go
The vision was no more
She couldn't see how far the light could go

While explaining
It started coming
The light resembled Jesus
And that He was near

Why can't she see the end of the light?
For all we know it may reach the Heavens
A revelation came
"Do not measure My love"

Desert times
This was how I felt
And I bet the members did too
At the state of our prayer group

Even before the sem started
I was praying with heart
Asking God where is He taking us
On the path where our seniors started

Prayer is good
But why pray every night
Don't you have friends to be with?
And aren't you suppose to be studying?

There were questions
There were doubts
Not only from others
But also from me

A dry season came
And on His word we sustained
It may have became mechanical
Or just duty to go through the motions

But we stayed faithful
And the members continued attending
Even though there was no fire
God saw our heart's desire

It was dry times
Like in a hot desert
With no water in sight
You'd think the Holy Spirit hide

Walking on dry ground with rocks all around
Yet holding onto our faith
And tapping onto others
Every night we still came to pray

And tonight God came to show us the way
Out of the desert and into green pastures
He came and stood in the form of light
In the centre of the circle
Revealed to her sight

I'm excited for prayer
And believe there's more in store
As we take the focus off ourselves
And start praying for others as well
God will come and when He comes
It'll be like a roaring lion
Or a strong wind smack in our face
We better be ready
For its after desert times.....

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Amanda Soo said...

God is just so amazing. This makes me grow excited for our prayer group all over again =D