Friday, April 1, 2011

Feelings For Japan

Saw a charity event for Japan on TV
It was organized by Hong Kong celebs
Very touching and inspirational
Makes me wonder whether the chirstians are doing the same or more

Seeing what really happened in Japan really opened my eyes
To the things I never knew or maybe wasn't even interested in
Japan is Japan, I am here in Malaysia
Doesn't affect me whatsoever
Screw my ignorance!

Watching footage of the earthquake
Seeing people cry for their lost loved ones
A person standing in the what seems to be the aftermath
A huge pile of houses, cars and maybe even corpse
Praying for all that is lost, shattered and gone
But holding onto what can be hoped for

My tears threatened to start falling
Well, at least I have my emotions back
And feelings still intact
But is God really there?

I hate myself for asking the same questions
Does God know what Japan is going through?
Does He feel the pain they are feeling?
Does He know the hardship they have to go through to rebuild a whole nation?
Does He feel for those who lost families and are left alone?
Does He know that there will be a rise in statistics of the many orphans there?
Does He see what we are seeing?

If yes, where is He now?
Why does He allow it?
Why not reveal Himself and safe people from pain?
Or just punish the wicked and safe those who are just?

Hell would be flooded with so many people believing in other Gods
According to our knowledge of Japan what are the odds?
But sometimes I have to pinch myself in the belly
And realise that its not always that easy

I cant just hope or think that God is in control
I have to know deep down in my heart and truly believe
That God knows what is going on
And His hand is still upon everything whether we believe or not

I will have to keep praying and start praying even more
To keep believeing that the Japanese can still have what is hoped for
To know that they can rebuild their community with the help of God
To just believe despite how unbelievable it may seem
That the questions they throw at God will turn into praises and exaltation before Him

But there's still this cynical part of me
Thinking that the Hong Kong stars are singing not for the cause of charity
But for the sake of their own popularity
For it is April Fools today
What if the 7 million raised will suddenly all go away?

But thats just the cynical part of me
A part that is to be thrown away

God, please give me a heart for Japan
That I may see them through Your eyes
That though people may say they have sinned
And this is the punishment given
You are ever-forgiving
I pray you would bring the healing
As they pray on their knees through kneeling
Let them know that there is good God out there
Who knows what they are going through
Who sees their pain, feels their cry and wants to wipe their tears
Give them the peace you have given me
Most of all give them Salvation
And bring down your Glory
We need You, Lord
The Japanese need You
Help them in the rebuilding of their city
A Christ-centered one
And nothing less
And despite it all
You truly are a good God.

Yesterday I had no feelings
Today I'm feeling for Japan

I want God's heartbeat
Not only for Japan
But for the lost worldwide
For the end is near
And when Truth is revealed

Let us not be LEFT BEHIND.

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