Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Empty Compassion

We all have emotion
But can we say we have compassion?

When we see a girl without slippers
And feel sympathy towards her
Thats just emotion
Compassion exists when we start to take action

A profound statement from cell group last night
"Compassion starts from the heart
Then to the hands"
If we don't live it, no point feeling it

We see beggars, widows, orphans
Street kids, cripples and the blind
Yet sometimes we cast a blind eye
Thinking they should get a life

Well, God gave them a life
Not to be ridiculed and spat on
But to be loved and cared for
Precious souls not lower than you and me

Cant wait to help out with my cell members
As we do the little that we can
To touch their hearts and dirty little hands
We will mean the whole world to them

I admit I have been sucked up in sympathy for them
Thinking them in the lower class and I in the middle
But I've got the hierarchy all wrong
They are above me and I have to feel honored to be able to help them

Emotions plus Empathy
Equating to Emptiness
For what difference would it make
If I'll forever be self- centered

To the girl who has no electricity in her home
No place in the fridge for it serves more as a box
The delight when she says "This is my Deepavali meal!"
When you peek in the pot, its only 'maggi soup'
I wanna be the difference for people like her

I was told there are 2 kinds of people
Those who walk through life without making a difference in this world
And those who walks through life who dares and cares to make a difference for somebody
I choose to be the latter and I dare you to it

We can keep preaching and we can keep sharing
But would they even understand whatever we're blabbering?
People don't care how much you know
Until they know how much you care

We're the only Jesus they see right now
No point reasoning or contemplating
What. Will. Jesus. Do?
Let's make this statement real and more than just cool

I wanna make a change
To be the change
As a person we cannot change the world
But we can definitely change the world of a person

Here are my hands and feet
My time and effort
I lay them before You
Use me as Your servant
As I turn this emotion into true compassion
Help me love like You do
And see things the way You see
For I'm not gonna live this way no more

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