Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Staying Faithful

Thank God for friends
Who reminds us of faithfulness
Making us flip the bible (many times =P)
To really get down to the meaning of it

But although we prayed what we prayed
And heard and shared
I still felt lost and insecure
For the moment after that

Read a magazine
But felt dirty inside
Tried to talk to God
But an answer there was not
Took a walk alone
But felt the wind so cold
Gazed up at the sky
And not a single star in sight

Thinking I was doomed for that day
To end my night in loneliness I lay
For I couldn't find the words to pray
To whom did I wronged, is this the price to pay?

As I started to succumb to the defeat at hand
2 people I'm not that close to came over to chat
It was nice catching up after so many days apart
And once again a tint of happiness warmed my heart

We joked, we laughed
Talked about life, love and God
With another guy there with us
Things were getting further from worst

I started feeling happy again
The joy of life slowly seeping back in
Not only was I accepted
I am truly loved

The talk of birthdays came up
And they started planning for mine
When should we go out?
Can we book you for now?

They didn't know
But deep down I wondered
Who am I that God has placed me around such precious people?

We have nothing much in common
Besides our faith we're from different intakes
They're my seniors, I'm their junior
Don't even spend much time together

But yet they're inviting me into their circle
Like long lost friends there was so much giggles
My tears came and it did fall
Told them I was touched
They believed it was from laughing to hard

Doesn't matter
Because what God showed me that night
From the people that I would have never gotten in mind
That He still cares for me as I continue to stay faithful

Due to some misconceptions or miscommunication
There were some misunderstanding with these friends of mine
I've been seeking and I've been praying
Hoping that these relationships will keep on staying

Thinking that its the end
God intervened with His hand
The night I felt so miserable
Was the time He chose to bring back these people

I'll stay faithful cos God is faithful
But when I am unfaithful
God still remains faithful

I'm not using this as an excuse
But understanding where God is

That even though I may not feel Him near
I have to know that He is here
To not count on my feeling
But to stay on my knowing
And when He's not replying
I have to keep myself from sighing

But even if I try and I try
And I do it with all I am
Yet am not able to feel His presence
I will keep my faith
And not let feelings and minor hindrances
Come in the way

For how can my faith be tested?
When I can feel Him all of the time
I wouldn't need faith then
Cos I'll know that He's always there

It is when I feel His absence
And have everything going against me
When I'm down in my deepest low
Where grades are poor
And relationships are weak
When prayer meetings are dry
And emotions go wild
Then is when I can gage my faithfulness

Like if I'm walking on smooth road all of my life
No obstacles, no hindrances
No trials and no tribulations
There wouldn't be room for faith
Cos everything is going my way

But if I stand on a cliff
And with a leap I may fall to my death
Not knowing what waits below
It may be good, it may be bad

Am I ready to take that leap of faith
To know that God will save me from my problems below
To know that my enduring faithfulness
Will be returned with God's

I've just gone through that
And God has shown
That He'll take care of me
No matter what come my way

If a boyfriend can be faithful to his girlfriend
And a worker to his boss
How can it be compared
To the One who created it all?

I'm His servant and He's my master
He's my King and I'm His princess

And that is just but a part of the many reasons
Of why I will continue

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