Friday, April 22, 2011

Things aren't changing

To his place I'm visiting
And things aren't changing
Its really saddening
When nothings advancing

The fridge is still "lightless"
And the paint can filled with bricks is still holding its door shut
His carpet is "spongeless"
And I don't doubt whether there's fleas on his mattress

The sad thing is he's blinded to all these
Saying that his house is clean
Fooling himself when everyone sees
That his place maybe neat but far from clean

The sadder part is that he's belief is not changing
Still as hard as he was against my convictions
He truly is a hard shell to crack
Making his covering an even stronger defense

Its sad that nothings happening
Although we have been praying
Seems easier to give up
Than to pray without hitting the target

He stills keep ranting
On and on about our "mysticism"
It really hurts in the heart
Thats why we need a spiritual covering

Just in case we get swayed to his message
Brain washed in any way
But that won't happen
And I stand my ground on that

For now I'll still keep on believing
Even though things aren't changing
For my God is more than forgiving
And He's way bigger than anything
I will continue praying
And never stop hoping
Until that day which is coming

Where things will start changing...


Amanda Soo said...

Change will come. Just keep on holding on to God's promise =)

Tricia said...

Thanks Amanda!