Friday, April 22, 2011

We have so much

Frustrated that the automatic lock on our car doesn't work
- Saw people riding bicycles, they'll never have the chance of getting behind a wheel

Why are my clothes so old?
- Remembered who they were going to be given to after they're in much worse shape, how many years would it be for them?

Sulking about the fact that I never got the money to curl my hair
- How about the people who have no hair at all

Choosy about the food I eat
- What about those who have zero options to choose from

Looked down at my worn out shoes
- Thought about those who have never worn any

Complaining about my lagging internet connection
- There are millions who have never touched a keyboard

Why is the mute pedal on my piano not functioning well
- Some people practice on drawn boards

Jealous cos I can't sing too well
- How bout the people whose vocal box cant work?

Tired of going to school
- How bout the many geniuses who had no chance at education

Sick of washing the dishes
- There are people who don't even eat from dishes

anything to add?

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