Friday, April 29, 2011

Justin Bieber

Just watched Justin Bieber's movie and I have to say that I'm a BELIEBER!!! Just joking, in God I will stay a believer no more, no less. But still I have to say that my cynicism towards him was quite unnecessary seeing he has such great talent not only in singing, but in dancing and playing different instruments. He played jazz (the hardest form of music) on the drums when he was just 8 with a bunch of grown-ups, what was I doing when I was 8? Giving my aunt the excuse of getting my fingers crooked if I played the guitar? (I totally regret that now) Anyways, he is gifted no doubt about that and I believe God had a plan when He crafted him.

But how much of God's plan has Bieber followed and managed to live through? Yes, he prays before concerts and yes, his mom requested for complete healing when his throat was filled with mucus but is his talent overshadowing his faith? Do girls see Jesus when they see him sing? Is he giving the slightest bit of glory to God or savoring every scream and tear millions of girls out there shed for him? I'm impressed with his mom though, being able to refer to how King Herod died due to his pride or how she reminds him that he's not God and that God has put him here for a reason. But still, the way he serenades girls on stage and talks about making out freely makes me wonder.

Justin Bieber. Bieber Fever. Girls being Beliebers. He certainly has outshine many established and mature singer/songwriters. Girls will go wild, running and chasing after him (seems more like attacking to me) until one girl went "oh, they're attacking him, that poor thing". More girls swear that they'll be his wife one day and the interesting but weird part is that a lot of way older girls seems to be falling for him. What do they see in this BOY? I bet they never had a wishlist of their 'husband-to-be' to be younger or "far" younger than them. The scariest part? A young girl of maybe 12 said that she thought about him 99% of her life - life and not time. Thats huge if we try rationalizing it.

However so, after watching the movie, my perspectives of him has totally changed. I totally respect him as an artist now and hopes the best for him. His faith can be seen in bits and pieces of the film but I would really like to see him say "Glory to God!" or something that would cement the whole belief. It is actually quite dangerous to see so many girls yearning for more of him than for more of what is truly needed. Fantasizing about being his wife when they can be out there being a much more significant blessing to others than he is to them. For all I know this may be another of the devil's scheme to sugar coat things which will lure us towards him and away from God in the most unassuming way.

Anyways, who am I to judge or cast the first stone when I am not befitted. I seriously wish all the best for his budding and blossoming career and hope that he will never get distracted or deviate from the Truth (with all the lime lights and girls, it is just that easy) That though Usher is a great friend and mentor, he'll be able to surround himself with more godly people who don't glorify sex, money and girls in and underlying way.

First thing I said when the show ended? "Thank God I haven't fallen for him". Cos my sister's friend when to the show an "I don't love him but I don't hate him" person and came out not being able to get him out of her head. She asks for prayer. =) But I don't think its that bad. Just comes to show how well-painted a person can be due to the tip top marketing strategy managers can show us whether the person is really like that in real life. no cameras. no fans. nothing. Just God.

But after all is said and done, I'm still grateful that although I admire him, I don't yearn for him and spend my hours fantasizing over a boy. That even though I may not have tickets to see Justin Bieber live, I have a ticket to Heaven (much more valuable) - Jesus. And that to me, God is still number 1 and would forever remain number one because unlike many other girls who got their hearts stolen by Bieber, my heart has already been won over by someone far special - God. no replacements, no person, nada!

I think he means never say never to God. =P

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JuChen Tan said...

his mom did pray about giving God the glory before the madison square garden concert though :)