Friday, April 22, 2011

Sole Sinner

Half an hour more and Good Friday would be over
But in this last few minutes I still wanna ponder
On the day that my Jesus laid down his life for me
That day that changes all of history including the life of me

Every week towards the coming Easter
I learn something different
This year I keep hearing the phrase
"Even if you were the only person on earth,
Jesus would still have died for you".

Think about it
My sinful nature
Sinning in the dark
In my own thoughts
In my mindless actions
Hurtful words
Done whether subconsciously or consciously
Nothing in comparison to God's purity
Yet He'd still send His only son to die for a sole sinner

Writing this down
My heart beats faster
It seems so literal it scares me
I a sinner
Him totally sinless
The sum is not comprehensible and would not equate
Yet "I + God = \infty"

Would Jesus really go through the suffering
The beatings and torture
The pain of his flesh being ripped out for me
The crown of thorns pressed into his forehead
Being spat on and slashed at
To the point where he didn't look human


But he still went through it

A normal human being no less
Asked God to take away his cup
Poured out in prayer in his last few hours
Hoping that maybe there would be an alternative

But there wasn't
And it was done.

I don't have to question whether I'm worthy of his love
The sacrifice my father in heaven paid for me
Because He saw me worthy
Not in my own strength but by His grace

I shall not remember this only on Good Fridays
But everyday of my life I shall remain grateful
Humbled and filled with awe and adoration
To my Father who've sent His son on Earth
To pay that painful price for me

On that cross I'm sure He thought of me
And I believe He was thinking of you

John 19:30
"It is finished."
Our sins are all taken
Fully paid by his blood

You are made worthy to be loved and to be called His Precious
Embrace it
Live it
Share it