Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When do we counter strike again?! =D

Red Leader
The first leg of the DJR1 Counterstrike pew pew Tournament finished with a magnificent victory to the Counter-terrorists Tricia Lim,Kenneth Tee, Yeoh Pang hee, Sandra and a random BOT over their Terrorist foes,Amanda Soo, Raja Danial, Teoh Yee Shen, Wun Yi Shu and Andrew Ong.

The game was evenly balanced, with Kenneth and Danial taking charge of Counter-terrorist and Terrorist forces respectively. With both sides having equal chances at beating the other.

Good times were had and even though the Terrorists finished the game with a 68:100 defeat, all remained in good spirits and did what they came here for: to have fun and shoot each other and laughing at it all, and having a good time.

Highlights of the game:
- Sandra finished the game with a score of 0 - having not killed anyone throughout the game.
- Tricia finished the game with a higher score than Andrew Ong, proving once and for all who is the biggest noob of them all.
- Kenneth Tee passed the 300 score mark, the Tournament's high score.
- Andrew Ong is top scorer for most deaths in the Tournament, a total of 130 (perhaps more) deaths, sealing his place as the DJR Noob.
- Raja Danial is the grenade magnet :3

Didn't know playing CS with a bunch of journalist-to-be (or not) would be so much fun!

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Journal Blogger said...

dont worry we will play after exam there is another tournament