Friday, January 20, 2012

Blogs Defines

People blog about everything nowadays
They blog about food, fashion and fun
Places they've visit
Their dog, their cat or little white rabbit
While others use it to bring in the "ka-ching"!
Making money out of it
Putting advertisements on them
(as you can see I'm obviously not excluded :P)
Meshing creative minds and entrepreneur skills
To start businesses and sell stuff online

Some go on and on and on and on
About every tiny detail about their lives
Like what time they woke up 
Or what bus they took
Or how tight they wrapped their hands around someone's waist
As they soar away on a motorbike

There are so many things a blog reveals
They show the person you are
Or even the person you're not
(some creepy people love living double lives)
They tell of more than what people see on a daily basis
Blogs show. 
Blogs tell.
Blogs expose.
Blogs defines.

The way some people spray their header with foul language to look cool
Or how some start with real "straight-up-in-your-face" welcome phrases telling you
That if you don't like what you read, who cares (lol)
Cos its their right to write what they want and want what they write
Or how others put it as "adult content" or "not for public view"

It is true that we can gage how a person is through their blog
The way we use it to express ourselves
Share our hearts out
The safe avenue for us to leash out our emotions, fears, angers and doubts
The deepest, darkest secrets we hid inside
All without the fear of getting unwanted advice or naggings from others
But as a sounding board (or in this case a sounding box)
A therapeutic practice for some
To be who they really are
Without the judgmental point of views
Or negative stares

I though about this topic a long time ago actually
When I told me friend that to get more views on my blog I should commercialize it
And to do that I shall blog more on "everyday", "readable" issues
Rather than just talking about God and spiritual stuff all the time
It's been months now or even up to half a year
And right here penning my thoughts down
I doubt that would be a good idea

I can blog about food and events I go to
Which I really do sometimes
But my hearts desire is to see people being exposed to the things of God
His Grace, Mercy and Power
The series of very fortunate events He's unfolding in my life
He is a huge part of me
Actually He's everything to me
So how can I leave Him out of my blog
If what I blog about concerns my life?

And so like how many bloggers rant on about how life treats them
Or how unfair it is to be in this sad world
Or how they have nursed a broken hurt from a loved one
Get over a family member's death
Buried a pet kitten in their backyard
Thrive through the ups and downs of this roller coaster we call life
 I will continue to blog about my God.

So my dream of earning lots of cash
And becoming a famous blogger
Or getting thousands of hits per day
Can go out the window

But the real reason of why I blog can be cemented and substantiated
On the fact that that is truly why I blog from the beginning
Silver Lining
That subtle ray of sunlight
Coming out from behind a cloud after a thunderstorm or rainy day
That consoling aspect of a difficult situation
The gift of hope that our Father gives

So its that simple.
If I want to get to know more about a friend or pop star
I'll just read their blog
When I grow up I'll read my kids
For I want to know whats going on in their heads
And what happens behind the scenes
If my mom is so worried about my future partner
(which I think she is)
I'll just ask her to read his blog
(If he has one, that is)
Of course it's not that simple
Cos how many percent of a blog can you actually believe in?

But hey
When the emotions rise and situations concur
Many people race to their blogs to let it all out
Stopping themselves from a physical turmoil
They release themselves as they type it out
You can envision it right now
Some laughing as they remember a funny event
Some crying over a conflict or pain they encountered
Some writing down memories to seal them in time capsules
Some just penning down their hope and dreams for their future
And the list can be as long as it goes
All this with their hands on a keyboard
And eyes hooked onto the screen

As for me
I'll continue to blog the way I blog
Focusing on His thoughts and plans for me
I do it for self reflection
Also for therapy
My free space with no restrictions
There will  be ups
There will be downs
For I won't be real if they were all good
But hey, remember the silverlining?
I'll use it to communicate what I cant convey in words
And keep God in the centre of all of it for
Blog Defines....

So how bout yours? :)

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