Friday, January 13, 2012

Feeling the Untouchable

As I'm here thinking of You
I wish I can touch You
To just reach out my hand and grasp the fullness of You
To feel You on my skin
And know that You're here
Right before me

And when I try
All I touch is nothingness
Not even the air hold weight which I can withhold
I feel nothing in front of me
Just the road ahead, endless, mysterious
The feeling  of unknown right before me

I think of the times when I look at the sky
And instead of seeing millions of stars
I see a slight twinkle here and there
Not allowing the confusion of stars and satellites to haunt me
I just close my eyes and believe
That even though I can't see
Their existence still live

And then I do the unthinkable
Instead of my hands, I use my heart
Hoping that with everything in me
It will reach out to Yours
As my heart touches Your heart
And Yours touch mine
Somehow I know things beyond me will start happening

I begin to feel Your love sweep all around me
The way You take my breath away in an instant
Knowing that I'm everything but alone
As I feel the touch of You
Not physical but more real
As our hearts align
The Being of who You are incepts in my mind

As my heart beholds Your beauty
Worries and fears go away
The knowledge of how much You love me
Suddenly makes the biggest mistakes okay
Knowing that You're here right beside me
Living on the inside of me
I just to have to say again
"God, You take my breath away"

This is the beauty of our relationship
Which defies the definition of religion
You call I answer and the same goes around
Something not many people have just yet
But with Faith I believe that someday
The world will get
To know its more that just physical reality
But a spiritual truth
Besides, facts are the lowest form of truth
And You are the Truth
And that is why I have no doubt in 

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