Friday, January 13, 2012

Somewhere I belong

Sometimes we take for granted the beauty of where we live in.

Even as I sit hear eating my last lunch in the hostel's canteen
Somehow something inside of me starts forming
A feeling I can't put my finger on
Knowing that I won't be staying here for long

It's not the food I know
Even though it'll be the last time they're selling
Some say it's cos of food poisoning
But to me the food has never been that great

But how can it be
For going home I'm excited as could be
The mixed feelings entangled in me
Making it unclear for me to see

And then a thought comes in
Something straight from the heart of God
"This is where you belong now"
A place I am placed where God wants to save

How the "Big Bang theory"
Or how circumstances takes place
Making me cross paths with the people here
Amazes me more and more each day

Somehow I know that my few years here
Is what I can take even if it feels way more than that
Hostel and college carries countless of Divine memories
Defining and Amazing, changing my course of life

I don't know where the future will take me
Or who'll I marry
But deep down I'm sure off
The place which God have placed me

For it's right here and right now
A temporal staying which launches me into eternity
Destined for an indescribable destiny
I know that this "not-as-cool-as-other" hostels is truly
Somewhere I belong.....

With a beautiful surrounding and great friends, what more should we ask for?

A place where we can just be our funny-little-selves!

We love where we're at! Our beloved Hostel!!!!

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Amanda Soo said...

Even though I don't stay as far away from hostel as you do, I experienced mixed feelings too just thinking that hostel is going to be left unoccupied by us for the next few weeks. It has really become a home of some precious sort. :)