Friday, January 20, 2012

This holiday...

That’s my favorite place to be…
Spend quality time with your loved ones for as much as you can.
Bake and eat those sugar coated muffins without the fear of getting fat.

Buy that coffee you never liked as a kid. 
When you feel sad, DANCE…
Dance your heart out like no one is watching.
I wanna be there…
Go watch that Muppet movie although you think its lame.
And buy that puppy you've wanted since forever.

Stop. And take in your surroundings, breathing them in, for they may not last.

Stay positive even if it feels like its you against the world.

But most importantly.....


WARNING: All pictures are stolen and can be copied for fulfillment purposes.  All pictures are reblogged  from very cool tumblrs. The captions though were self-created. Ignore my ramblings for I'm just too happy! Peace!

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