Friday, January 27, 2012

More than A Handful of Reminders

It's 2.40 something in the morning, listening to Kina Grannis and pondering on the good things that are happening (not a very good mix I guess :P) around me and miles and miles apart from me. God is good. God is stronger. And God moves the same everywhere. Not sure why I'm so emotional but I just believe that its a very special night although nothing big or important has happened tonight. It's not the wind in my hair or the stars twinkling in the night. Not even the sweet voice of my favorite favorite singer. It is God.

I get so many reminders channeled from the web, the bible, friends and directly from God that it just continues to substantiate the truth of how real He is to me and how strong our relationship is. I'm truly glad, compressed with bursting happiness yet at the same time humbled with reverent awe of how God never fails to intricate His presence through more than a handful of reminders... I'm not gonna say more as this feeling is indescribable.

But before ending, I shall show you a conversation which sealed my day up very nicely from a straight A student I truly admire.

He was referring to something he found out through my blog and then going on to say what he said. And then we chatted about some other stuff like how I should not keep praising him bout his good grades and bring the "straight A student" thing into every thing we talk about.(But I see God in that as well!) Anyways, I apologized. And then he pointed out something that I have not really paid attention to.

Another divine reminder = My precious walk with God...

And I'll just leave it at there.....

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