Monday, January 30, 2012

The Tornadoes inside

As I lean back in this chair thinking of what just happened
Trying to focus on what You're telling me
And at the same time reliving the scenario just now
I feel a turmoil, so subtly fierce inside
Not understanding but subconsciously realizing
The tornado inside of me

Looking at the stars just now
How they seemed to be shining so beautifully
Basking in their wondrous glory
You tell me You painted them for me tonight
For a scene like that I've waited and not seen
For months, hoping, believing

Not only hoping on the stars
But that change back home will start to bud
But nothing happens and all I see is a vicious cycle
Nothing unlike what I feel inside
The merciless wind stirring up of filthy dirt
Getting into my eyes
Making me cry

I let the tears fall and emotions unwind
Hoping that as they sleep
No one will hear me cry

Nothing is said off my lips
Though its a ten-thousand word essay I want to release
The mix feelings and emotions I can't resist
And now You're telling me this
Help me obey and in my heart believe

Goosebumps cover me
Because Your sweet presence is all over me
But my feelings don't get numbed
Instead, from tears of defeat
They turn to tears of relieve

Knowing that you will tame that tornado raging inside of me
My Shammah
Never leaving me nor forsaking me

I look up the skies and the stars are erased
One second they're there
The next they're gone
But You stay the same through the ages
And Your love never changes 

Thank You God
I place the tornadoes into Your hands
For the winds shall cease at You command
And that cycle will subside by Your Grace
I place my future and emotions into Your crafting
Including the ugly things
Like the tornadoes inside....

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