Friday, January 20, 2012

A great holiday!

Our laughs are contagious! Truly a blessing to have such a friend.

Hope that you guys are having a great holiday preparing for Chinese New Year and all! Mine have so far been great! Already finished reading a book, entering my next, hope to finish 3 in this 3 weeks. Playing more of the guitar and the piano, learning new songs from my sister, trying to write some and the unsuccessful attempt of loosing weight. (Ironic, I know with CNY and all.) Spending as much time with my lovely family, scheduling time to meet all my friends in gatherings and reunions and trying to cut down on the TV and do more exercise. The best part is seeing my friends being happy as they encounter and experience God more and more! And all these through Facebook! God is awesome. Was a tad worried that I'll loose out on my quiet time with God and experiencing Him, but this round, I didn't fall short and it's great! My best break so far! Seeing friends going through spiritual heights really makes my day! Can't see how this holiday can get any better than that! But it totally is! Hope your holiday would be as fun,productive and fruitful as mine! Take care and God bless!!!

One picture that I can't stop liking, spot the smiles, the clothes and the shoes!

My dear friend, May in the middle is going through very wonderful happenings and I'm truly proud of her! Same as the guy with the huge smile up there in the first picture,Alex. Like his smile, his faith is contagious! Pure young ones with faith and passion who inspires me...


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