Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Dearest Mommy

Yesterday was my mom's birthday
And I sincerely must say
That I am humbled by the fact 
That I was gifted with such a gem

She's worked hard and strong
Not letting the way of life define her
But allowing God's sole plan
To go before her

In my twenty years of life on earth
I have learned so much from her
Her tenacity and subtle steadiness
Making her a pillar of much worth

Her actions of grace speaks louder than words
Determination in getting things done
Especially concerning the things of God
Has taught me to live my life for Him

She's different in a way
Making sure we put God in front of everything
Protecting our Sabbaths
Concerned about our spirituality

She made me stay a year back before entering college
To make sure in faith I'm not shaken
And on the word I shall be rooted
Keeping my self in God truly grounded

And now my sister is doing the same
I hope she realizes that free time with mom
Is running out fast
As we enter college and the rest of our lives

My mom has taught me to persevere in prayer
For that's how she got me after 9 years of praying
That is like half my age!
How did she do that? 
Truly by His Grace

She speaks of inner strength in her wonderful being
To never ever compromise on what we believe in
She can be vocal at times
Standing up for the things of God
Allowing the fear of God to precede the fear of men

She once texted my sister and I
Struck by a sentence from a Christian magazine we both love
   'Holiness precedes power'
    "So true ya, what do you think?"
Caught us by random
Which received a questioning reply from my sis of
"You talking to me?" o.o LOL!

Works and toils throughout the night
Trying to make the best out of everything she can
Sometimes bringing negative attention
Questioning people
Doubting her capability

But she is never shaken
And this I shall learn from her
For she knows who she is in Christ
And prophecies given defends her outright
Putting back things to perspective making them align

My Dearest Mommy
Oh what would I do without you?
You have taught me in the things you say and don't
The way you walk so much of  your talk
Sometimes I think you need a break
I pray the Lord will continue to bless you
As you walk in His eternal destiny for you
For you have always been obedient
Although it was hard with two young daughters
I have learned so much from you
Although we may quarrel in small fights
Deep down I know we just come out more tight

The tears we shed together
The belly of laughter's released
The way you look forward to watching "7th Heaven"
And "Touched by an Angel"
How you make us sit down and make cookies together
Or how we share talks over meals or nothing
Catching up on lost time
Both knowing that we can never turn back time
But still holding on to whats is left to our rights of each other
I look forward to those times
And even distance can't separate us
As we talk for hours on our free line
Me filling you in on the unending happenings in college, life and church
And you telling me how work and everyone is doing back home

This mother-daughter thing we have here?
Is totally precious and priceless
Coming here and seeing the world
Now I understand that not a lot of people get to partake of this

Thank you Mommy
For being who you are
Just being yourself
And not allowing anyone to dictate who you are
Teaching me integrity and dignity
All with LOVE, FAITH and purity
Making sure I'm in the hands of God
And getting all excited with what He's doing in my life
Besides the greatest gift of life you gave me
The greatest gift was when you surrendered my life into the hands of God
Devoting me and Deb to our Father in Heaven

You have taught me some priceless lessons
I can learn no where else but from you
I don't how can I ever repay you
But just to say thank you
Of course I'm gonna treat you!
Can't wait to see you!
And I thank our Dear Lord for you
I sure hope it's not too late to say

 to you!!!!

My Mama and Me!

PS: If this day did not exist, there would be no you. And if there was no you, there would be no me. Therefore in this I'm truly grateful. I LOVE YOU!


Clement CL Chai said...

Happy birthday Auntie!

Loh Li Li said...

Honouring tribute to your mum. I am blessed simply reading it.