Saturday, August 16, 2008


*a life style
*a personal love song to God
*an act of complete surrender to our Lord
*wholeheartedly giving Him the very best of our praise and adoration
*moves the atmosphere and drives away demons
*breaking down strongholds
*what brought the walls of Jericho down
*a way to bring in the harvest
*a way to cast out fear
*a spiritual expression of thirst and hunger for His love and salvation
what does worship mean to you? feel free to add on this list...

Friday, August 15, 2008

silver linings

hey! the main reason i used the word silver linings as my title is because in our world today, there is more bad from good, evil from righteous, wrong from right. however we still have our almighty God whom created the world in 7 days!

one of the amazing, wonderful creation is the beautiful sky and clouds that in often times have a silver lining to it. so what is a "silver lining"? some say the word silver lining comes from thunder clouds, which are often very dark and threatening but which may also have a silver gleam of sunlight along one edge- the "silver lining" to the cloud. this comes to say that every negative situation can produce something that is positive! the very positive thing of the situation is the "silver lining".

for example many people agree that the "silver lining" of World War 2 was the increase in technology that hastened the developement and start of the computer era. (but i still dont think we should support war as an advancement of our nation; its totally like eating a banana and trying to put the skin back on making it look pretty but inside it makes you feel sick) what do you think about it?

anyway, i think that every single one of us need different silver linings in our lives whether its a person, a love one, a process, an experience,a favourite show or pet, not only physically when we see in the sky with our naked eye but also to go beyond the surface and feel it emotionally, mentally and spiritually. so if you're feeling down, sad, depress(strong word i know but very true), hurt, rejected, just look up. find a cloud(could be a dark one). look at its silver lining. breath in deep. let out a big sigh.try to get over it. and always always remember that God totally understands what you're going through and He is overseeing your situation. always remember that a "silver lining" is a hopeful prospect in the midst of difficulty.this blogs will be mainly about my silver linings and how they have touched me. of course there will be other stuff. so what is your silver lining?

PS* i will really like to hear from you!