Monday, March 29, 2010

Something that will "Last"

ok, I know my 2 previous post have been pretty lame, I'm just a bit numb with the moving from KK to KL to Perth and than back to KL thing, so I hope to just justify my writings I'll write a poem again...Help me Lord! Sorry, just ignore this blabber...I'm kinda writing to myself...XD

Before I left KK
I really must say
It never really hit me
For I was trying to not see

Like Uncle A. who kept reminding me
Reciting my many "last" so I can see
That time is short
And very soon in KK I''ll be not

My "last" supper
My "last" dinner
My ''last'' Sunday service
My ''last'' week leading

It never really sank in
For now I'm still bewildering
From small town to big city
It's really all so overwhelming

"Don't hold your bag like that"
"Don't look innocent"
"Don't leave anything in the car"
"Don't believe every guy who says he is a christian"

The many advice that never would I thought meant anything
But it's true
I can't go on being so naive
Or a sad case,statistic or victim I may truly be

Holding on to some things a youth Pastor told me
In kl the "the Harvest is plentiful" of guys
And wherever you walk it's not safe
The only way safe is to walk with Jesus

I'm so grateful for my Salvation right now
And the many friends that keep me connected with Kl/KK life
Without these I may never know how
I can get through this phase ever somehow

Leaving KK, I went through many "last"
This may sound weird
But one thing's for sure
I wanna make it last

That my


For without Him life will never be blast! XD

Friday, March 26, 2010

My First...

It's been 3 days here in Kl, and I cant help but think back of when Uncle A. in KK kept reminding me of my every last (cos he was preparing me to realize that I'm leaving for Kl real soon, but secretly, I think he doesnt want me to!) Anyways, there was my "Last Supper", my "Last time on stage" (for worship leading), my last "Anchors"...and so on so forth...

And now since I'm here in KL, I just can't stop thinking bout all "My First"!
Like how when I just started to learn to drive, in my heart I kept saying, "Wow! my first bump!", "My first turn", "My first lane change", "My first signal"......

Well so far in Kl I had
cooked my First 2 meals today!
got a nasty first oil burnt while cooking!
hand washed my first FULL pail of clothes (which was very tiring)!
swam 10 laps in a kl pool for the first time,
mopped the kitchen for the first time in 5 years,
called my mom,dad,sis,godma for the first time
got my first pajamas in Kl
ate claypot chicken rice in kl for the first time
and I believe these many "Firsts" will keep rolling in as long as I'm here in KL.

While in Perth!
I touched kangaroos and a Koala for the first time,
Got scratched by a Kangaroo for the first time,
Met really cool friends for the first time,
met old friends in Perth for the first time,
saw them play well during worship in Perth for the first time,
Went crabbing for the first time
Found the bible I was looking for all over Malaysia for the first time
Got my first assignment to write an article for the first time...

And now my back is hurting for the first time in kl, maybe I should stop right here, I know this is a bit lame, but there's no better way for me to make all my "Wonderful Firsts" a memorable one..hehe..God Bless!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My last...

My last blogpost from kk in the next at least 9 months...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Unforgetful Farewell

A farewell I would never forget
Is the one my youth group gave me
It's the best I have seen yet
And on my heart it will forever be the best

They threw me into the pool 2 times!
Both without me realizing
But even though I am small
It took them time to make me fall!

There were so many hiccups
Which makes it all the more fun
A birthday cake for a birthday girl
And new leaders who didn't even know her
(those who were there, you know what i mean)

My very good leader
Who was so full of cheer
Offered to take a picture
And in the pool she gently went
With phone and everything, all is wet!

The wonder of "reflex screaming"
Which made me scream the wrong name
When I was lifted in the air
To be dunked into water
I called J's dad instead!

He stopped immediately
Making it very timely
For me to dash away
To escape
And run away

The card they made me
Seen at the wrong time
Got a scolding
Pretend I didnt saw it
And the night was full of "wrong-timing" surprises

Thanks to all who made the bbq a success
Never thought it would be like a fest
Laughter, screaming, and playing catch
Pushing people in was they're main attempt

Almost everyone was wet!
Except some who escaped
We'll get you sometime!
And we're gonna do it with fun!

Thank God for friends like these
Who don't do things for the sake of doing
But to do it for the sake of meaning
And naturally friendships were bonding

I had a great night
Even though the guard came out
Our noise level so high
People could hear 6 storeys-high

Every single one there
May they stay in God's hands
Those who are saved
May they draw even close
Those who haven't
May they see Your glory
For time is running fast
And my heart's desire
Is to see them during my holidays when I get back
But even more importantly
To see them when we spend all of eternity together...

God bless you all!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The path they choose?

Had a wonderful experience
And it's more than mediocre

The scenes seen
The touches felt
The "not so bad" smell
And the faces 'imprinted'
Will stay on my mind for as long as I can

The Japanese team were just great!
I think their ages were
19 to 22
Doing things
Our peers wont naturally do

But its the Kampung that really shocked me
Didnt know that behind that "Giant Mall"
There would also be a "Private Village"
400 families, almost 4000 people
Making their homes out of poor wooden planks

Living on water with houses afloat
Didnt know that this place existed
Old ones sleeping
Young ones playing
And teenagers looking with eyes not teasing

They loved the Japanese
Whether girl or boy
Just held onto their hands
Not letting go
Showing us their prides, their homes

They made they're own games
Played it they're own way
Integrating skipping with dance
Moves with counting
Self-made kites out of plastic bags

I will try to do my best
To make their lives better
The hygiene is terrible
For us unbearable
But for them its all normal

Hopefully I can join more of these events
When the Japanese comes again
To teach them a better way of living
And in themselves to start believing
Living life with a new different meaning

I wont forget the memories captured
And the friendships nurtured
With the Japanese and also the "refugees"
For we're all the same with great potentials
Just holding the keys to unlock for some people

The path they choose
What can they do?
For it isnt really fair
For they were born in a circumstance
They cant really choose

They'll just have to accept it
And we have to lessen it
The impact of poverty in their lives
The way society look down upon them
And how everyone blames them on the degrading of society

Right now all I can do is say a prayer for them
Keep them in my thoughts & prayer
Remembering every face I saw
Every hand I held
And every touch I felt

For the path they choose
Doesn't allow them as many options
As we "luckier ones" do
Its either this or that
Nothing really to be proud of

Lord, help me see that You will guide
The path they choose...
For unlike society
You love them as much as You love everyone
Putting their hearts first instead of their ways....