Saturday, April 26, 2014

We Dance

So here I am turning on the lights again and putting on my glasses after tucking myself comfortably under the sheets. What made me do that?

The song "We Dance" by Steffany Frizzell from the new Bethel church album- You make me Brave (yay!).

As it's turned up loud on my ophone to put me to bed, an image of Jesus dancing with me overwhelmed me. Tears start falling before you even realize you're crying and this deep tangible fills the room. Simply amazing. 

I guess the reason why it's different this round it's cos I have seen how Jesus looks like (I wouldn't even say the closest) through the book "Heaven is for real" by a boy who really saw Jesus, confirming a painting of Jesus by another girl who had the same experience. And man is Jesus handsome! Reminds me of Hugh Grant, lol!

But this made the experience even more real like Jesus was right there before me, spinning and  twirling me with every next step as we dance. I then saw myself in a blue Cinderella gown and then it changed to  Belles's from Beauty and the  Beast and then to all these other Disney princesses. That's when the revelation came that I'm so precious to God, more than all these princesses combined!! That I was his favoured and special one! That just gives a whole new meaning to a girl like me who dreams of castles and dresses up till this day (lol!) 

As we were dancing, He instilled in me a higher knowledge of who I am and what joy I brought Him. There was no room for whether or "So I thought I could dance" and no pressure of being in a "Dance Battle" yet it felt like I was "Dancing with the stars"!  Our dance brought a greater truth than any reality show could bring- my identity and relationship with my Groom, Father and Maker! Can you even wrap your mind around that!? Still boggles me! 

Even before this encounter I thought it was nice as an opening dance song for a wedding or a piece where the bride and groom would do a first dance to this song together before opening the dance floor ( I wished we had more dance floors in Asian weddings!) depicting the love of our God and His bride/church. I guess I don't have to wait that long! I've seen it already!

So off I go back now to my land of castles, ball gowns and fine lightings with a crystal dance floor where my First Love sweeps me off my feet yet again. Yes, there will be much love, joy, laughter and dancing... lots and lots of dancing...