Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meeting Nick Vujicic

I'm not quite sure how it happened. Everything went on so fast. First we were sitting in Old Town, having a meeting and then before you can say "yes" we were rescheduled (very suddenly) to interview Nick Vujicic! It was crazy. I almost turned it down, because I didn't know the Nick mentioned was actually Nick Vujicic cos never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that such an opportunity to meet him exclusively would come.

"CRAZY!!!" is an understatement. Even with that tone. Realizing its the "Nick Vujicic" that I read about, watched videos of, and heard so many testimonies about made me just faze out for a moment. Not just a moment actually, but it was hard concentrating throughout the rest of the meeting because I was just- STOKED.(staring blankly out into the air, with mouth slightly opened, no kidding. my director had to ask me to stop thinking of the interview, lol! better act more like a professional journalist next time than be sooo super starstruck!)

You see, my admiration towards this great man of God goes way back. Many years ago before entering college, I read about him in a magazine and was amazed at how he didn't allow the circumstances of life to bog him down, despite having no limbs. And how much he sees the potential and how beautiful every individual is. He sees people through the eyes of faith, the eyes of God, beyond what the naked eye sees. I even used his story and video as my presentation in one of my first English classes in college, hoping that his message of hope can touch my classmates and tutor, enlightening them on this great Force that helped him through his limitations. I scored more than 90% for that by the way! Comes to show that passion really pays off!

I'll leave his incredible story out cause it's worth reading his books and watching his videos for yourself but I'll tell you about how overwhelmed I felt meeting him. Prior to the eventful day, I had my finals to sit for and while studying at 2am in the morning, my roommate was watching a short video on Vujicic and his wife and their amazing relationship. Making sure it was not too long cos I didn't want to miss my morning paper, I gave in and watched, truly amazed.

The following day, my friend decided to drop by Kinokuniya and we kept finding ourselves at the promo table exclusively displaying only Vujicic's books. It never crossed my mind to get a personal copy because I knew many of my friends have them and so I thought I'd just borrow.

Then it came to the day of the meeting and a sudden "last minute" appointment to hopefully get some quotes from Vujicic to endorse our prayer run- RUNNAT.  We were told that time was tight and he had to rush off but we still jumped at the opportunity hoping for at least a glimpse of him or a photo taken.

Off to the hotel we went, doors pushed open for us to enter and there I saw a familiar sight- my intern days. One photographer and two reporters were ex-colleagues of mine! Lot's of press were there but it was really exclusive. Some even brought their whole Macintosh there to work on the recording on the spot!

But nothing beat seeing Vujicic in person. Evidently whole as he is but clearly with a few missing parts, I was on the verge of tears unfathomable. And there and then is when I heard in my heart, "See, this is how much I love you." I knew exactly whose voice it was and what He meant. God loves me so much, understanding my secret wants even when I thought impossible. He spoils me and just wants to grant me my heart's desires even when I though that going to see Vujicic in one of his talks over the week here in Malaysia may be too troublesome in terms of time, money and transport. And if really, I was given a chance at any of those, it will never come as close to this, meeting him personally in the privacy of a small function room. God really gave me 5-star treatment, didn't He!

He was so nice to let us take a group picture with him and even voluntarily asked if we had a camera so that he can say a word on RUNNAT. That was the plan, but it didn't go as plan cos we didn't even ask! Talk about the favor. There and then, he acknowledged and encouraged our presence in front of the press calling us "precious" and asking what we were all about.

I was even more excited when a dear friend of mine in a wheelchair had a chance to talk with him about his future dreams and plans. Vujicic asked him whether he ever thought of being a motivational speaker and prayed for him on the spot! Again in front of the press! I stood amazed at the series of great happenings.

After sometime when everyone was almost gone and it was just us, the bunch of young people, I asked whether we could pray and just thank God for such a great moment. I teared, knowing that my God will do this for me. I also prayed for my friend that he will "walk" into his God-given destiny.

Still overwhelmed on my train ride home, I decided to stop by KLCC to fix my phone. Instead I went straight to the bookstore to check out his book again. I couldn't focus. Walked out of the shop and on and on I walked aimlessly, trying to steady my breath and heartbeat because I still could not believe what happened. It was more of the divine appointment then the person itself that kept my mind boggled.

Went back into the store, bought the book, tore the plastic packaging and found a secluded corner on the floor where I could read it. Thank God for solitude! Never had I cried and laughed at the same time, reading a book! His presence was so present there. I've not been able to finish reading novels lately, not sure why. Reading them half way and returning them to the library before its due. May its the lack of substance and reality or maybe its that I've grown out of fairy tales, but this book I knew was gonna be read to the very end.

I had to lower my face and partly cover it with my hand so people won't see the tears streaming down. It was hard to not wet the book, as I wanted to keep it well. All in all, that moment was surreal. Spent like two hours reading in the store knowing that another well-needed meeting awaits me. Thankfully the meeting wasn't that soon and so I had my very rarely found "self-quality time".

I just felt the love and presence of God over me. Hope started to rise, doubts started to fade, promises started reigniting. Haven't been in a right mind since exams, feeling hopeless and insecure. But those just evaporated as I turned every page. I still stand amaze.

It's crazy what a good book can do and even more meeting it's author! God set me up! Giving clues the past two days through his video interview at a very odd time and at that table where his books were displayed. The next time I meet him, I'll ask for an autograph and I'm pretty sure that that wish will come true. For now, I'm believing in so much more.

Although very very different, Vujicic and I share an even bigger similarity. We worship the same God! And that is when I realize that I'm not just living for myself, but I'm living for something greater and that makes life all the more worth while living. We all can live LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS, if we choose to!

Just believe.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Out of the Way

It's 4.05 in the morning 
And I'm still not sleeping

Maybe it's the exam anxiety
Or maybe it's just my body clock malfunctioning

Nevertheless something in my head is ringing
Lyrics from the "Lost Get Found" song by  Britt Nicole singing

Why do we go with the flow 
Or take the easier road
Why are we playing it safe
Love came to show us the way
Love is the chance we should take
I'm moving out of the way...

I don't quite understand 
Neither can I put a finger on it
But somehow right now
This song sings of my present journey 

Whether its about a destiny or a call
A leap of faith or simply trusting 
Living life in His design rather than mine
Sometimes playing safe is something I'd rather try

But getting caught up in this thoughts
Till precious sleep is slowly robbed
I think about my future
The great things in stored for me

A tinge of fear of the unknown
Weirdly mixed with the expectant curiosity
I pry myself open
Finding amusement in whatever I'm feeling 

I'm not there yet where
I'm going against the flow
Or taking the "harder" road
And I sure am playing it safe

But because
Love came to show us the way
And love IS the chance we should take 

I better be kicking my butt off and
Move out of the way...

Not wanting to live a life of regrets
Or settle for second best
As cliche as it sounds 
I shall continue to have faith, hope and love

Help me God, to just move out of Your way....