Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Lovin It...... and its not McDonalds

" I'm Lovin it" and this time is not about McDonalds. Its about kids in the Kindergarten I work in. Kids who are naughty yet innocent, childish yet mature, playful yet mindful, small in stature yet big in heart. So here it goes..

I love it... when Trinity comes up to me just to hold my hand

I love it... when Sarah innocently points at her mouth thinking that only her mouth needs wiping when actually half her face including her nose is covered in cream

I love it... when Zheng Xuan, this tall little naughty guy stands, back in front of me so that I can put my arms around him

I love it... when Yong Sheng hugged his cousin Zane on his 3 year old birthday

I love it... when Norman kept saying "I never eat before", the whole time I was eating Nasi Lemak and started being anxious when I was finishing my 2nd one

I love it... when I actually taught him the word 'Nasi Lemak'. And later as soon as he saw his mom and sis, he caught them by surprise saying he wants to eat Nasi Lemak

I Love it...when little "chilli padi" Novel comes up to me saying "wo yao pao pao"
I love it... when Alexis comes to me and ask "you want me or not" adding "I want you orh, sit here eh"

I love it... when Sheryl asks us to write her name with a 'Dora' in the middle, so she can be like Dora from "Dora the explorer", and trust me, everything of hers is a Dora merchandise

I love it... when Levy runs up to me every morning just to give me a hug

I love it... when Chloe pretends to stick her head into her schoolbag, pretending to find something when her name for attendance is called

I love it... when Ryan doesnt want his mom to bring him down telling her to drive over to the place where they drop-off kids saying "cause I want teacher pao pao me"

I love it... when Carmen looks at a teacher and say "I no parking" when she didnt have space to sit on the floor

I love it... when Seth on the verge of tears says "Where's daddy?", than with an immediate response, just to comfort himself says, "daddy go buy doughnut"

I love it... when every kid comes up to me pointing to their noise thinking you'll understand that they need to wipe their flu, and the different response you get with each child. Some will blow hard, some will blow soft, some breath in making it worse, some blow with their mouth, some just do the action without really blowing and some just couldnt care less if their nose is not cleared.

It will take forever if I were to write down all the kids I come across with, this bunch are only from the 3 yrs old and its not even half the class. There are still the 4, 5 and 6 yrs old who have as special moments as this including BGR, friendships, growing up, looking pretty and striving to be 1st. As for now, I'm just taking life 1 step at a time, savouring my moment as a kindergarten teacher, no doubt about this job......