Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns
Are just so beautiful
Better than short-lived fireworks
Just lighting up the skies

Went out with some friends
After dropping a friend home
Drove myself back home
And never thought that I'll come across a paper lantern

Thank God it's midnight
Being right in the middle of the road
Foot on the brake
Eyes up a gazed
Hoping that no car comes
For every second counts
Just curious of how long the glow shall last
When the oxygen the light feeds on starts thinning
And when the fire begins quenching

Couldn't wait too long
For a car would come soon enough
It's already passed my curfew
But moments like these are few
I just love the moment
Where its just me and the car
Music playing in the background
And now the paper lantern and stars
How I wish time could just stop
Freeze for that moment
And stay intrigued by it all

It took quite some time
And we know that fireworks are great but don't last very long
Dangerous if not handled carefully
I've seen it blown off right on my sisters fingers
Its more painful than scary
But paper lanterns are way cheaper
Plus they're bio-degradable
Lasting up to 20 minutes
Generally 48 inches high
And comes in any color you like

I had no choice but to pull over
Put on my signal
And gaze up in wonder

Like the scene in "Tangled"
It was more than just magical
Two people in love
Embraced in beauty all up and above

Maybe people should try it this Valentines...hehe

But it was different when I saw it
One lonely red paper lantern
Depicting me in the car
Don't get me wrong
I didnt feel lonely
Far from that
I felt dreamy

Just pulling your leg!
But I was no doubt in awe
Of how long it flew and glowed

Thinking it will disappear anytime soon
But it didn't, outlasting every guess
Soaring higher and higher
Getting closer and closer
To the stars up above
Becoming a part of the beautiful starry night
Being one with the stars

And who would have known
When this car pulled up right in front of me
I thought it was a stranger
But it was 2 friends I know

The friends I met up earlier
They thought I was in some car trouble
Sad to say but it just ruined my moment
As soon as it was all explained
Not a sight of the lantern remained

Maybe it floated out of sight?
Maybe it got extinguished?

Or maybe just maybe it blended so nicely
And found the place it belonged
Fitting comfortably among the stars

Its amazing how it all works
How science and faith intertwine
I doubt they contradict
But rather compliment

How God masterminds the beauty of creation
And break them down into science and mathematical formulas
For the knowledge of our kind

One day I'm gonna make my own lantern
And let it float in the air
Imagining it will soar into all of eternity
The time and place where I'll be reaching my destiny
Meeting the One who is way more than just Fatherly

But as for now
I'll remember that red paper lantern
Floating ever so slowly but surely
Not being shaken by anything
That's how I want my faith to be
To not rattle
Come what may
And allow the wind to lead me through
Just like God guiding my path
It may be lonely at times
As we stand for our faith
But look closely and you can see
That there are so many people sharing the same belief
Like the stars in the sky
You may not see all of them
Or even some of them
But they're there
Going through the same things you go through

For as pretty as paper lanterns and stars may be
We are even more valuable than them
For God sees us higher and loves us all the more
Than the bright red paper lantern I once saw...