Friday, July 29, 2011

Who we are...

Sons and daughters of the one true King.

Is it worth your life?

Coming to KL, my eyes have been opened and knowledge broadened. Just walking through campus or even the streets, I see so many people with disabilities. The blind, the lame, the homeless, the deformed. Yet they still push through and press on. Not allowing disabilities to come in the way of them pursuing an education or making a living. Seeing students on crutches or wheel chairs, taking the extra effort to bring themselves from one place to  another. Or even some with protruding ribs or other deformities, still gaging up the courage to face a world of "normal" people with curious or even sympathetic side-way glances. Blind people with their white canes, coming on and off a LRT. It amazes me how they can maneuver their way around KL with the aid of a stick and dots on the floor. (Yet, I still get lost). Not knowing whether the path they're taking is safe or has pricks, whether there'll be and overhead board that would smack them in the head. Waking up every morning to pick and coordinate whatever they're gonna wear without knowing how a nice sky blue shirt can go well with the color of their jeans. I can't imagine not being able to see what I wear, let alone put on a belt blind eyed. The effort and extra time it takes. 

Yet these amazing people can still live a fulfilling life by waking up (whether on the right or wrong side of bed) to another day of uncertainties. Seeing these people always brings to mind the hundreds of people that have committed or are contemplating suicide. They have everything to live for compared to the blind and crippled yet they opt for what looks like the answer- death. They have eyes to see the beauty of God's creation, legs to dance, run or jump with joy, no deformities that stands in their way of a healthful life. All of life's advantages behind them compared to the physically broken yet they just don't see. 

Relationships, financial, mental or whatever the issue, it can be overcome by the grace of God. If only they'll focus on the beauty of life and stop victimizing themselves by surrendering to their own self-centeredness. Having negative thoughts like "the world would be a better place without me".  Wake up and smell the fresh air! (although its not that fresh anymore due to men's sin) We have the world at our fingertips compared to the  underprivileged, yet the ones that are complaining the most are...sadly, the ones who shouldn't. 

Whatever the cause or whatever is happening. Whether it's a sour relationship or financial crisis. Think about it and think again. Is it really worth your life? Besides, seeing how Jeremiah prayed "LORD, I know that people’s lives are not their own; it is not for them to direct their steps." Who are we to end it when it's not in our authority to begin with. Problems come and they will eventually go. Unlike the blind who faces a new battle every single day of their lives to walk in (physical) darkness. Of course God has to be in the equation. Minus Him, I would have no answer to the worth of my life.God is worth my life. If the disabled can live life to the fullest why not we? Cos seriously and frankly speaking, are the problems you're facing right now, really worth your life?

Even a seed germinates and lives on without a conducive environment.
Unlike this plant, we have friends that care
A surrounding of love
A God that IS love
And He loves you.

Talk to HIM and you'll find that there's more to life than just....dying.

Outside My Comfortable Circle

Outside my comfortable circle
Something I'd not rather
To stick with my closer buddies I'd prefer
But to step out with confidence I must muster

It's not easy and it won't be
But I believe God has a plan for everyone He brings into our path
We have to communicate
And take time to listen

Even when we're
outside our comfortable circle

Sunday, July 17, 2011


A dear friend of mine
Whose name shan't be disclosed
Would always be on a high note
Even if she's on stony road

She just accepted God not too long ago
Not even a 1 year old christian
Yet it's like she's known the Lord all her life
Loving Him wholeheartedly calling Him lovely

Her faith speaks of maturity
Of genuine love and sincerity
Always lifting up Jesus' name
Putting complacent Christians to shame

Leaving her old religion
And coming into a real relationship
I admire her guts and tenacity
To go through hardship and face reality

For the love she has for the One above
Persecution from the ones she loves
Resentment and rejection
Nothing she deserves

Yet she smiles whenever I see her
Despite the scars 
Her faith unaltered
With heart abandoned

She says she finds joy in suffering
For there will be no more in heaven
So she'll rather have it right here
Nothing compares to the knowledge of God

When I see her I see faith
Faith that knows no boundary

When I see her I see hope
Hope that never ceases

When I see her I see love
Love that never fails

For the One who has it all.

She inspires me to fall in love with Him daily
All over again in a meaningful relationship
To talk to Him for He is real
To share with Him all that's within me

The problems and trials I face?
Nothing compared to hers
For its a daily battle for her
As she faces opposition everyday

Her love for God is so contagious
It makes you wonder what's gotten into her
Sharing the gospel as much as she can
To as many people as possible

Not caring on what people say or think about her
She goes all out for God like there's no tomorrow
Secretly reading her bible and praying
Whether its midnight or in the wee hours of the morning

She's willing to abandon all for Him
Crazy it may seem
But that's the way of true Christian living
And that is what she's modelling

I see her and I stand amaze
At how God's hand is upon her
And I pray she'll stay faithful despite whatever the cost
Or whatever the odds
I'll say a prayer for her every time I think of her
Meet her sometime to catch up with her
To hear her stories of how she remains faithful
And hopefully try to be helpful
As a friend whose not slothful
I hope she'll be wise in her words
To not offend or condemn but just allow God's hand
To help those around her
To submit herself to the Lord
And to know that His plan for her are good
She is my silver lining
For every time I see her I am truly

Cutting my hair short

Cutting my hair short
Not cos I'm feeling hot
But cos it's something I wanted to do
For months and months
I procrastinated

How would I look?
Would it come out the way I want it to be?
The way I picture it?
The way it should be?

All the fears and pre-worrying
The doubts and feelings that it would look ugly
The foreseen comments of people everywhere
The critics they may share


And I love it!
Not the style exactly
But the boldness and courage 
I took up to achieve it

Thanks to my dear friends
Sukhpreet and Amanda
Who screwed up my initial plan of going alone
Amanda said she'll drive me to make sure I have it chin length
And I'm totally glad she did
Cos I think I would have chickened out
Thank you so much to the both of you!

Its been more than a decade since I last had short hair
Wanted to try something new
An intention I intended since the beginning of last year =0
Shame on me for my timidity

After cutting
Some girls like it
The guys prefer it long
(but I'm not sure whether the guys comments account much cos they prefer long hair whether it's nice or not)
Some had no comment
That gives a really big hint! (lol)

But I'm still glad I did cut it
Cos it's a change and change is good
Whether I'm gaga over it is another story
But I'm still happy

Some say I look like a cute child
Some say I look so "auntie"
Why the far extremes?

2 guys kept singing on the guitar about how "auntie" I look 
During the wee hours of the morning
Which kept me laughing
And I did enjoy it

I'm just glad I'm not depressed over how short it is
Which reminds me of how I cried and cried once when I was little
Cos my fringe or hair was cut way too short 
Staring at the mirror with a face all swollen

It just needs time to get a little used to
By then people would have forgotten how my long hair looked
Unless they see pictures which are great reminders

A few things though I have to remember before cutting my hair this drastic:
1. Tell my sister the plan before she slaps me
2. Bring friends that makes sure its chin length before leaving the saloon
3. Be prepared for the weird (aunty)comments
4. Prepare to not feel regretful whatever the outcome
5. Bring enough money cos you don't wanna look phony!

My new hair style!

The best part?
It only costed me RM9!!!
9 bucks to chop off almost one feet of my hair!
Not bad at all!
Savvy much!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In awe of God

Chatted with a friend
Read a blog
Am feeling the awesomeness of God right now.
Words can't describe it
After insights and revelations and the air cleared
I don't know how people can doubt the existence of God
When He can be SO real
If only we allow Him. 
It's 4 in the morning
But I stand in awe of Him
So much so that I'd rather
Spend time with Him then go to sleep.
Off for a walk with my Daddy King  =)

(Thank God for a safe place like hostel where its

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bersih 2.0

After seeing this video I realize that things aren't always what they seem or what is even said. They can reason all they want, cover up all they can, praise the enforcement for doing a job "well done" but nothing can substitute the truth and the truth of the matter right here, is not through the spoken words of anyone but images and pictures untainted.

It saddens me to see authorities contradict their work ethics and instead of fighting crime, they fight those  who fight crime. Instead of saving lives, they allowed one to fade away. Instead of bringing peace, they initiate violence. Instead of protecting, they were attacking. Lies told but pictures unfold, leaders can say they did a great job, but our eyes would never deceive.

Bersih 2.0 has really opened my eyes to a whole new Malaysia. Never thought there would be so many citizens fighting for justice in our country. Always had this in the back of my head where people would just talk in coffee shops, complaining bout the terrible state of our country. But on the 9th of July 2011(where I pre-pictured it to be empty streets everywhere with just a bunch of crazily courageous people chanting bersih), the true Malaysian spirit was shown through the lives of the thousands that came on that auspicious but dangerous day. People from all walks of life. Different backgrounds, different skin color, different languages, different status, different ages all with the similar goal for a clean election. Its funny how so many differences can actually come to an agreement. Unity can truly be achieved. 1 Malaysia!

So many people came I was truly dumbfounded. We're so used to seeing these scenes in other countries that when I see it happening in my own homeland, it takes time to register. There were children (very extreme parents, either way you wanna see it), old people and all in between. One elderly woman stood out.

We have been praying for change, and change is coming if not already here. Seeing people get arrested, beaten, handcuffed yet still firm in their stand makes me bask in pride for my fellow citizens. Even Malaysians overseas are supporting us, what more can we ask for. We're called a democratic nation for a reason.

The amount of people that came truly inspires me.

This event showed the true colors of different people groups. The true colors of Malaysian citizens was shown. They care for their country and are willing to pay the price for justice. Some darker colors can be seen through....those wearing darker colors. Makes me wonder about end times. Would we dare do this to defend our faith? Only time would tell. Anyways, I'm so much more prouder to be a Malaysian now. And I don't stand on neutral ground. I stand for what is right, pure and just. BERSIH 2.0! 

*Where is God in this? I'm not quite sure. But I do know that Malaysia is in God's hands. Thank God for Malaysia!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Friends make my world go round.
Friends put a smile on my face that I can't seem to wipe away. =)
Friends are so contagious you can't help but get affected. (in a good way that is)
Friends who work on making relationships last are worth the effort taken.
Friends keep you going when you feel like dying.
Friends make you laugh so hard, your tummy hurts.
Friends are treasures, uncut diamonds.
Friends may come and go, but their friendships would never be forgotten.

The list goes on and on and on...

Until my world has gone a full round.
Yet I'll never get tired of my dear friends.
Thank God for these gems.