Friday, November 25, 2016

Bogo Bras- Bras with a Difference

Why Bogo Bras
I've never once talked about products on my blog because I only blog about reflections, revelations and lessons learned or "stuff" on my heart itching to get out without needing face-to-face conversation due to the fear of being judged.... 

But lately, I have a burning passion inside of me. It started back in the summer of 2014 (UK time) when I was finishing my degree in Liverpool. I got exposed to the harsh world of human trafficking and I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted to be a part of a global movement to stop human trafficking.

Fast forward two years and I'm back in Malaysia,  even more exposed to this issue after God-given connections and researching on the subject. Malaysia is thought to be one of the countries with the highest population of trafficked victims yet we know nothing about it, because EVERYTHING is hidden. 

My heart is to start raising human trafficking awareness here in Malaysia because women are people and not commodities, designed to love and be loved and not to be used for sexual exploitation or overworked in factories without a minimum wage. 

So when Bogo Bras added me on Instagram, I was more than delighted to join the movement or buy a bra! Anything that will bring awareness and aid trafficked victims is totally my thing. And because I started going to the gym, I was in desperate lookout on a suitable sports bra, so talk about divine timing! 

Bogo Bras Mission 
The mission of Bogo Bras is to support rescued trafficked victims by helping them start their own business through "Support Entrepreneurship". For every bra purchased, one bra is donated to a woman coming out of sex trafficking to start their own business. 

With these donated bras, women will have business opportunities where it'll help enhance their communication skills, money management whilst handling inventory... New skill sets they can take to their new employers while job hunting or even when they learn to start their own businesses one day. 

With more than 45 million trafficked victims in the world today, Bogo Bras creates a safe work place for women to get back on their own feet with crucial support from fellow victims who understands what it feels like to be exploited. 

Trafficked victims usually do not have access to proper education, making it difficult for them to find jobs after being rescued, but Bogo Bras helps them through 3 simple steps:

1. Telling women they can own their own businesses.
2. There are alternative job opportunities.
3. Allowing women to support other women by purchasing a bra. 


I really really support this because after some research, I found out that big brands such as Nike has have had trafficked victims down their supply chain and therefore I'm more cautious in my purchasing these days. With Bogo Bras, not only am I not contributing to the use of human trafficking, but I'm making a statement to go against it and it's real liberating to see such brands come up with these stuff to empower women all over the world!! 


Visit them at for more info! @bogobras