Sunday, November 7, 2010

5th of November

5th of November
A day I'll remember

A dear sister saved
The enemy's work enslaved
Supernatural things abundant
We worshiped with heart abandon

Watched movies all the way to 6am
"My name is Khan" & "The Last Song"
Shows that people say I victimized them to watch
But if we didn't watch that, classic conversations like this would never happen.

Shah Rukh Khan: My name is Khan and I'm not a terrorist.
Andrew Ong: My name is Andrew & I'm not fat. My name is Tricia & I am short.
Tricia: My name is Andrew and I am fat.
Ee Rick Chan: My name is Ee Rick and I agree!
Shirly Bong, Justin Ooi Han-Juan just thinking about that day makes me SMILE!!!!=D

2 people found themselves on a bed that's not suppose to be...(kekeke...XD)
A snoring someone and A kind heart who didn't chase us out
Slept all the way to 12 in the afternoon
Did our devotion which was more then just good
(I guess it was the guilt of the whole situation,lol!)

Went to McD, went to Jusco
Never laughed so much in my lifetime
Never had so much fun with the opposite sex
But of course it was clean fun and ultimate joy

I wish we could take a picture to remember these wonderful days
But a certain someone is camera shy

Thank God first for saving our friend
Second for letting me choose the movies I chose XD
For allowing all of us to fall asleep (in safety)
Waking us up at 12 at noon
And then letting us have our quiet time with Him
Leading us to Jusco
And then having a memorable day in KFC, Jusco and then FOS
It kinda ended to soon..
Wish I could hold it in a capsule
And never ever let it go

But now it's just caught in my memory
At least I can rewind and replay it anytime I want
I hope to never forget that day
Where my heart with happiness swell...

Thank you God for the 5th of November.
I wish we could make it an Anniversary..hehe..