Sunday, August 1, 2010


It's more than a month since I won the title for MC champion in TalentTime Night. The truth is, I never really thought I deserved it, that's why like everytime I face something I don't wanna face, I try avoiding reality - not blogging about it. What is there to reflect upon if all I feel is guilt and remorse on taking an undeserving title. But then again, who am I to say that I don't deserve it when the judge's decision is final?

"MC champion"
That's what people have been calling me for the past month
I hope it wears out fast
Hoping it may not last
Or to go in hiding I must

Ok, so its not that bad
But initially it was
Never knew I could do it

But my name was called
Couldnt believe it
Did I deserve it
Or was I just dreamin

While there were all hugs and tears
I was just plain blur
People congratulating
Me inside contemplating
"Did I deserve it?!"

I may have come across as proud
Cos from my eyes there were just no tears!!
The other winners were crying
But I was just there numbing

I felt like my friends deserved it better
Seriously didnt think I deserve it
I guess I just look upon myself too low
Gripped by regret like my mind tells me so
But why did I feel the way that I felt
When I should be proud cos He helped me through it
A child of God, what are the odds?
I should be giving Him all of the glory
Bringing this into another perspective
I am a "Champion" in the eyes of God
Not based on wordly standards
But on His word
If I don't look at myself the way He sees me
I'm just cheapening His blood
That was once shed for me
He championed my cause
And I'm sure not a lost cause
I have to keep reminding myself
That I'm a child of God
Deserving of His love and anything that comes my way
So now I do see myself as a champion...
Not solely for TT night but also for God
Hope to champion others for Him
For He is the Champion of all champions
Not as one who won medals
Which moth and rust can destroy
But the One who has won my heart.