Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Heart on Fire

I wake up every morning and sleep every night
With you on my mind.

It's not that I "chose" you to think about
There's so much more that should occupy my mind
But it's you that my heart and mind keeps wandering to
Oh help me, God
This is so unreal.

We hearsay "to not awaken love before it's time"
But what if love is such a strong and fierce feeling
The more you try to control it,
The more it burns like wild fire,
Untamed and untouched.

And when is the right time?!?
Who has the right to tell us when or what we should do
The church painted this picture for me
No dating until 18
I get it...
But the moment the "right age" comes
We're confronted with problems on how to actually "feel"
How DO we fall in love?
Sadly but surely
Questions and guilt overtakes
At the slightest thought of what could be True Love.

I've never met anyone like you
4 years of college and no one
Not one guy has made me feel the way
You make me feel

Covered in goosebumps
Giddy at heart
Hoping that I could encapture the moments
In a time capsule before it's too late.
You open my eyes to wonder
The greatest possibilities of what "we" could be
A match made in Heaven which only God could foresee

You are intentional.
Outspoken and obvious.
Scaring me that there could actually be "that" guy out there
Whose not afraid to love and be loved
Who wants what's best for the other half
And not walk around with another trophy wife

If it does happen and I pray it does
You'll be that dream I never dared dreamed of
Like wildfire fuelled by love
Your words and actions
Make lasting impacts on me
I can't wait for the day
Where I can openly say
My heart's on fire...
And it's because of you.