Saturday, January 16, 2010

To the victims in Haiti

To the victims in Haiti

I'll pray for you before I sleep

I hope that you'll find comfort

From the aids and helps from abroad

It's really bad

As one Haitian said

This earthquake really is a

"Crisis of unspeakable magnitude"

We're really leaving between the seals

I guess you have to be blind to not see that

Yet people are not turning to the One we should believe in

Like a Haitian victim who says there is "No God"

"Race against time"

That's what aid groups are facing

Food, water and medicine are not reaching in time

Roads are covered leaving cars no where to reach them

Relief workers are saying

That unless supplies are quickly delivered

will degenerate to lawlessness

And it's already happening

But the miracle amongst this tragedy

Like a blooming flower on the cracked pavement

A 16 month-year-old

Found under debris after 62 hours

For how could she possibly live?

So young, with no water and food

But miraculously she did

I would like to think that Jesus was there

Holding onto her, giving her comfort

Until the workers found her

Showing them there's still hope

I hope as they wait for food, water, blankets and medicine

They will come across people
Whom will lead them to God

Lessening the pain making comfort last

For the LOVE that God gives
Can warm them inside out

More than blankets could ever


That is ever so refreshing

Will never make them thirst again

For the STRIPES that He took

39 to be exact

Making us free from all diseases

And from the fact of their FAITH

Giving them assurance

That although life is tough

They'll have the whole of eternity to have a good rest

Dear Lord, please show them Your glory and let them know You care, You love them so, please let them see..... Amen.

Music, more than we think

Almost everybody likes it
I don't see why anyone shouldn't
For it's like balm to our soul

The power of music is more than we think
It can give us joy
Move us to tears
And soothe our worst fears

Relive great memories
Drive out insecurities
Catches our full attention
To the sound of it's rhythm

I love music
But I have to be careful
To the music I choose
And the lyrics within

Mom has been nagging me
About the music in the car
The songs on the radio
Making me drive all crazy

That's the power of music
It get's the whole of you
Lyrics in your head
Not looking on the road ahead

But the music we listen to
Can be very encouraging, as well as damaging
Songs that tell us to reach our dreams
Others telling us to "pull the trigger"

It can build us up or even tear us down
Putting into our minds
Negative elements
The scary part? We're subconscious

We don't know that this songs we hear
Sometimes determine our demeanor
Subconsciously nasty words are downloaded
Nasty acts fully loaded

So to watch my mouth
I have to watch my ears
On what they hear
And what enters

I'll choose gospel for now
Hillsongs and Planetshakers
Making me think of His awesomeness
The wonderful gifts He gave us

There's so much genre out there
What should I choose?
I better be careful
For music is more than I think...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life just doesnt seem fair

Have you wondered how life can be unfair?
Not just a daily affair
But something that sticks with you
The moment you were born?

Like our race and cultures
Something we cant control
We're born as Chinese
Or Malays or Indians
For some forced into religions
That are not of their own decisions

Or how some babies are born immigrants
Illegal ones at that
They're born in another country
Because migration was important for family
Struggling to survive
Earning just enough
Hand to mouth
Living day to day

Beggars who don't have the chance
To even take a bath
I didn't bath til now
Feeling all sweat and dirty
Cant imagine life without it
Yet there are so many out there
Who never get a good bath
A basic necessity

Or how some really smart or talented people
Who cant afford good education
Get surpass for lack of money
Not given a chance to prove their abilities
While rich, party-going, less smart teens
With parents who have fat bank accounts
Get to go half-way round the world
To get the education they don't deserve

Life seems really unfair
For all I really care
It sometimes seems that God's not watching
Never really giving a care

Like those beggars on the streets of China
Or those orphans in Africa
The woman crying from a broken heart
And the child getting bullied by friends
Does God even see them?

Life just doesn't seem fair
But through Matthew 6
I realized that He really does cares

He cares for every single soul I see
From the poor to the rich
The unlovable to the untouchable
He cares more about them than I'll ever know
Although it's hard to conceive
That is what I will believe

That though life really seems unfair
Our Father in Heaven
He truly cares.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A walk to remember!!

A walk to remember!!!
My all time favorite show!
But does true love like that really exist?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh I cant wait... !

Tomorrow is a new day
And oh how I cant wait
To see the kids
And how they aged

My thoughts and curiosity
Would be cured by tomorrow
How tall have they grown?
Do they look older now?
More mature in behavior?
Or still the same?

But Wait!
I don't want them to grow so fast
Cos that means that I'll also grow
And get older
Something I don't desire

They were cute in they're own ways
Naughty on some playful days
Some always in a daze
Others good at making funny face

I miss them all oh so badly
Kept thinking bout them through my holiday
But now holidays are over
And we're gonna start all over!

Never thought I'll be so happy
Back to the routine embedded in me
I know we always say routine is boring
But its the element of the core!
The core of our schedule where everything is decided

If we let our lives all go wild
And loosen ourselves on responsibilities
Than man won't really have a purpose to live for
Or to even live for a purpose

As for me I know my purpose right her right now
Its to be someone to the kids
To portray God's love and laugh with them
Play and sing nursery rhymes
Give them the childhood they deserve
And let them know God is who we should love
Those innocent minds
God broke the mold when He created them
That's why I'm excited
And just can wait to see them!

Catch me?

When I fall so hard
Harder than what I desire
Deep down to my deepest low
Where hurt and anxiety grow
And no one else know
Would You catch me?

When I tumble in a rumble
Getting dirty on the way down
With guilt as dirt upon me
Where darkness is all I see
And everything seems mean
Would You catch me?

When I trip by the cliff
Not expecting it
Getting all caught up by accident
Thinking back on my carelessness
Trying to find the trigger of how I fell
Would You catch me?

When I crumble and break down
Not knowing how things turn out
And everything seems out of control
Faster than a rolling stone
In a dilemma and ready to faint
Would You catch me?

When I fall down deep
And all I do is weep
Bringing back memories
Of being gullible, silly and naive
When I'm caught more dumb than innocent
Would You catch me?

When I fall into my past regrets
Of the choices and decisions wrongly done
Do I deserve a second chance
Even If I fall again and again
Into decisions unforeseen
Would You catch me?

When I fall into things of this world
Rather than depend on the One more Worthy
Leaving prayer & the bible for last
Making my fun on Facebook a blast
Falling so pitifully into the trap of satan
Would You catch me?

When I fall into the numerous pressures
That this world has to offer
From peers to work and everything in between
It all looks appealing but makes me fall in morality
Cos they're packaged by deceiving
Would You catch me?

But this one's different
My personal exception
For the moment I fall in Your love
The feeling afresh
All I wanna do is stay that way forever
So please don't catch me......