Saturday, January 16, 2010

To the victims in Haiti

To the victims in Haiti

I'll pray for you before I sleep

I hope that you'll find comfort

From the aids and helps from abroad

It's really bad

As one Haitian said

This earthquake really is a

"Crisis of unspeakable magnitude"

We're really leaving between the seals

I guess you have to be blind to not see that

Yet people are not turning to the One we should believe in

Like a Haitian victim who says there is "No God"

"Race against time"

That's what aid groups are facing

Food, water and medicine are not reaching in time

Roads are covered leaving cars no where to reach them

Relief workers are saying

That unless supplies are quickly delivered

will degenerate to lawlessness

And it's already happening

But the miracle amongst this tragedy

Like a blooming flower on the cracked pavement

A 16 month-year-old

Found under debris after 62 hours

For how could she possibly live?

So young, with no water and food

But miraculously she did

I would like to think that Jesus was there

Holding onto her, giving her comfort

Until the workers found her

Showing them there's still hope

I hope as they wait for food, water, blankets and medicine

They will come across people
Whom will lead them to God

Lessening the pain making comfort last

For the LOVE that God gives
Can warm them inside out

More than blankets could ever


That is ever so refreshing

Will never make them thirst again

For the STRIPES that He took

39 to be exact

Making us free from all diseases

And from the fact of their FAITH

Giving them assurance

That although life is tough

They'll have the whole of eternity to have a good rest

Dear Lord, please show them Your glory and let them know You care, You love them so, please let them see..... Amen.

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