Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life just doesnt seem fair

Have you wondered how life can be unfair?
Not just a daily affair
But something that sticks with you
The moment you were born?

Like our race and cultures
Something we cant control
We're born as Chinese
Or Malays or Indians
For some forced into religions
That are not of their own decisions

Or how some babies are born immigrants
Illegal ones at that
They're born in another country
Because migration was important for family
Struggling to survive
Earning just enough
Hand to mouth
Living day to day

Beggars who don't have the chance
To even take a bath
I didn't bath til now
Feeling all sweat and dirty
Cant imagine life without it
Yet there are so many out there
Who never get a good bath
A basic necessity

Or how some really smart or talented people
Who cant afford good education
Get surpass for lack of money
Not given a chance to prove their abilities
While rich, party-going, less smart teens
With parents who have fat bank accounts
Get to go half-way round the world
To get the education they don't deserve

Life seems really unfair
For all I really care
It sometimes seems that God's not watching
Never really giving a care

Like those beggars on the streets of China
Or those orphans in Africa
The woman crying from a broken heart
And the child getting bullied by friends
Does God even see them?

Life just doesn't seem fair
But through Matthew 6
I realized that He really does cares

He cares for every single soul I see
From the poor to the rich
The unlovable to the untouchable
He cares more about them than I'll ever know
Although it's hard to conceive
That is what I will believe

That though life really seems unfair
Our Father in Heaven
He truly cares.

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