Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dare to Believe

Almost at the end of my college term
I look back upon what I've learned
The experiences, friendships and lessons obtained
Priceless and not to be disdained.

Through the ups and through the lows
The people that comes and goes
It's not by chance we cross paths with
More like how a Higher Power intervened

Hours pasts quickly when you're conversing with the ones you love
Reflecting on the past three years here
Can't believe that we've outdone our capacity
Surrendering ourselves to go beyond "what could be"

Despite the roller coaster ride
We're able to enjoy the moment
Sometimes exhilarating, sometimes frightening
But every moment was worth living

Knowledge is broaden
While dreams continue to expand
I guess being idealists pays off
We still believe in our Fairy Tale "ending"

I'm free to be me
And you're free to be you
Let's not let the thoughts of others
Dictate our actions

We can't base our future on people's past
Neither will their story depict our own story
Their experiences are valuable
But we can have our own new ones too

And just like a prophetic picture taken
It's like we can reach for the stars so easily
As we align ourselves to His divine plan for us
His grace will be sufficient.

We've come this far
Him seeing us through every season
So come what may
I dare to believe.

And I dare you too....

Just believe and you shall achieve.

Photo Credit: Janice Khaw