Monday, August 31, 2009

What true love is...

Reading the "Redemption" series by Karen Kingsbury. Just wanted to pen down what i thought was so true about how love should be in this time and age. This part is where Ashley helps Alzheimer's patients in a nursing home. She helps this old lady named Irvel, who lives in the past and keeps thinking of her husband Hank, even though he's dead. Because of her disease she doesnt know that everyday is the same repitition for her, going through the same motions always expecting Hank to come back from fishing with the boys. Here, Ashley's tries to help her and the other patients, by getting as much facts and observations from close friends and family. Facts about Irvel and Hank goes like these:
  • Irvel and Hank were like 2 hands on the same person. The bond between them was such that you simply knew they were connected.
  • Hank & Irvel's love was rare even in their day. They were a walking definition of how marriage is supposed to be.
  • Everyone envied that special something Irvel and Hank shared. When 1 breathed in, the other drew life.
  • Most everyone i knew grieved for Irvel the day Hank dies. When his heart quit, most of us were surprise hers kept beating. They were that close.

Friday, August 28, 2009

"The Slave Princess"

I don't know where to start! But this past week I have been dancing non-stop! and I love it! 10 to 10 in a day is no joke, but an awesome experience. Met so many people who live life through dance!
They kinda spread that onto me now...

The dancers and cast involve in this "The Slave Princess" performance are just so talented! Some are in their fifties and still dancing.. wish I could be like that. Even met 2 of the cast from "Drunk before Dawn" which was really cool. They are sooo into the performing arts. Really an honor to work with all these talented people!

This production was to raise money for Chung Hwa KK and a few other organisations.. has been advertising for us everyday for the past month. And this past week the dancers were featured in the paper. In yesterdays show, they brought disabled kids from one of the homes and it was just so touching to see them watching throughout the show!They loved it! not sure how the turn up is gonna be in tonights show. *fingers crossed* hope enough money will be raised.

Cant wait for tonight! Have to go get ready soon! And the best part is, the after party is at ''atmosphere"!!!! the revolving restaurant. some of us are more excited bout that then even the show itself. the organizors are really feeding us like crazy!! but then again, we do need the energy.

I'm so into dancing right now!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A strong little girl I know

A strong little girl I know
has pain that didn't show
never once I saw her cry
wasn't someone who was shy

She had this beautiful smile
though her journey a thousand miles
eyes that shine oh so bright
like the stars in a starry night

Plagued with diseases
that are foreign on our lips
let alone the poor girl's own lips
but oh how she graced them with ease

Won't forget the sound of her laugh
watching "Ice Age 3" sitting right beside her
the look in her eyes in that dark cinema
amused and joyful is part of her charisma

Told us she did talk to God
although some may see it odd
for conversations with God, her mom didnt know
for she only went straight to God

My friend saw a tear
only seen when you're near
she was letting God in
telling him secrets only for His ears

That tear I believe is kept preciously
in a corner of heaven above the clouds
put in a bottle with a red bow tied
her name written on it, close to God's heart

I believe she's doing the right thing
letting go and letting God
hopefully its official
that God's inside, not superficial

Her name starts with an "A"
for "A" as in Audrey
she deserves a million more A's
for walking victoriously through life's long journey

Her walk isn't over
yes she's still here
I believe she will stay strong
for she's tough and can hold on for long

I pray that God will guard her heart
especially when situations are hard
always there like the stars at night
may not see them, but they're always there

Audrey, know that I'll say a prayer
for Him to cast out your fear
and in the many more prayers
that you may know He's near

Your life's like a storybook
filled with a plot- the beginning and end
there will be happiness, trials, joy and pain
but with a happy ending, if you keep Him near

You'll be a blessing to many
for you're already a blessing to me
just live your life to the fullest
never neglecting God in your wildest

You have taught me so much
more than I can munch
I'll never forget you
thank you so much

Be strong, stay happy
never erasing that smile on your face
but most importantly
stay close to Jesus

For He knows you through & through
more than you can imagine
even more than you know yourself
that's how great He is

Thank Him for your family
they are so great & loving
I give them my blessings
and I believe God will give them His

I could write on and on
but I'll have to stop somewhere
so might as well stop here
but there's so much more to hear

Just keep trusting Him
hope you wont forget me
and remember 'cancer' is not in your vocabulary
neither will it be in the future

Please know that I love you
And that our Father above loves you more
lessons from the life
of a strong little girl I know!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A boy named Seth

It was Monday & I didn't get home straight after work. Just to help out, I asked whether any of the children needed to be put to bed for their afternoon nap. I was given Seth, this 3 year old boy- adorably cute.

Brought him up, turned on the air-con, and opened his sleeping bag. Lied next to him but he was really restless & too energetic, waking up and flipping books trying to read them. Asked him to lie down and to just close his eyes. Could'nt. Instead he started playing with a plaster on his knee. I asked him where & when did he get the bruise, somewhere at home I think. To my surprise he opened the plaster & there wasn't anything there. So he started sticking it all over himself, from his forehead to his arms and legs.

Ironically, I fell asleep.(not so good a teacher, huh) instead of putting him to sleep, he put me to sleep. I don't know how long was it, when another teacher came up to call him cos his car was here. I don't think he even slept! anyway.....

Later that day, and I mean way way later, as I was getting ready fora facial, I felt something came off my left elbow. And what was that, but Seth's plaster on a scar I had since I was about 3 or 4. Right there on my elbow. That sweet boy put his plaster on me maybe to ease the pain, maybe just for fun.... I don't really know. But this one's for him.

A boy name Seth
just 3 years old
yearn for acceptance
and even more to be loved.

He had family issues
at the tender age of 3
parents didn't live together
couldn't even face each other.

Supposed to put him to sleep
instead he put me to sleep
while I was dreaming
there he was healing.

A plaster on his knee
stuck to my elbow now
on a stitch scar I forgot
that was there years ago.

Don't know what was on his mind
or what was he thinking
but all I know
his heart is as pure as snow.

That plaster is in a book I'm reading
I'll treasure it not just when I'm dreaming
hopefully I'll be there the day he can write
so his name will be on the plaster, that will be so right.

My dear Seth
how I feel the pain when I see your eyes
tired from the shuffling
from going house to house.

How your mood swings
or how sad you look
maybe of something negative
a parent of yours made of the other.

But when I look deeper
straight into your heart
I see an innocent boy
who cant control the situations around him.

But don't be afraid, boy
for God is always near
Maybe I'll tell you about Him
when you're old enough to hear.

As for now just be yourself
loving and caring to the ones around you
wish I had a plaster to put on your heart
that way we'll be even, for you covered my scar.

Rest assure and know
you'll grow up a wonderful person
someone who loves family
never repeating mistakes of the ones you truly love.

I'll say a prayer for you
not only when I see the plaster
but whenever I'm thinking of you
making sure you're in God's hands.

So don't worry now
your safe and sound
surrounded by people who loves you
loved by a God who adores you

I will never forget you
wishing there were more people like you
situations indescribable
all because of a boy name Seth.

Before Bedtime

Going to bed tonight,
I feel a tinge of heaviness in my heart.
But deeper down there's this sheer joy
breaking out, bursting forth
through all the pains and emotions I feel.
The type of Joy I know,
no one but God can give.