Tuesday, June 4, 2013

No Worries...

With a clouded mind and not enough time
Dark emotions fill me up
Strangling me slowly
Into that whirlwind of despair

Reaching out my hand through the sinking waves
Catching my breath with no avail
I hear a voice telling me
That "all is well"...

That I just have to relax and be without strife
To let His love soak me up despite
The responsibilities, duties and urgent deadlines
Work piling up, assignments in line

The worst part is when guilt gets a hold of you
Gripping so tight that nothing can move
Slipping in subconsciously, feeling subdued
Don't let that last breath make its move

But I go on even when I don't feel like it
I worship in spite of not "feeling" it
I smile, laugh and talk as normal as I can
Knowing that succumbing is not the key

And as I continue to go about
Natural feelings starts stirring up
I feel the blood in my cheeks
And a leap in my step

God's got my back
And things fall in line
Not that duties are erased
But my God know's best

Learned about the opposite sex
Had insights from the bible taught
Enjoyed the laughter and food
But most of all, the "crazy" people rocks!

I come back home to go to bed
Feeling fulfilled, happy and  content
I am who I am
A girl made in His image.

Reply text messages
Answer emails
Borrow the guitar
With intentions of thanksgiving

Browsed through Facebook's news feed
And what do I see?
God answering me according to my day
As plain as the naked eye can see

With Him by my side
There are really no worries.....