Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Translucent tears

It hurts so bad
But the tears won't fall
Held back by the unknown
Is it anger or sorrow?

Feeling like you're gang up upon
From those you think would be the least
With your back against the wall
Your heart hardens, mirroring that wall

But other special people step into help
Indirectly through other conversations
Reminding me that I'm truly blessed
So I tell myself release and just rest

Then the tears fall gently
Accompanied with genuine laughter in between
Knowing that behind you is no more that wall
For it's my God holding my back

Thank you Lord that You see me through
That even when I feel like giving up
You see the end from the start
Helping me, comforting me

That although there's laughter through tears
The hurt isn't easily replaced
But in Your heart I'm placed
A safe haven, truly embraced

You see past that wall I built
Through that fake tone conveying I'm "ok"
The "lol" in my messages
Hoping the pain to be erased

You see my tears whether they fall or not
You've got my back when no one has
And with you there's nomiscommunication 
Because you know me all too well 

You see me through my translucent tears..