Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's about the People

Deeper into this realisation
A dawning of a personal revelation 
Into myself I search within
I love people way more than I think

At Legoland I find myself captivated 
Not by the Lego but by the facial expressions 
Of adults and children
As they're mesmerised by a magician

At the Malaysia day celebration
I see a father running with son and daughter on each hand
Towards and through the rainbow cloths despite the rain
Symbolising a great crossover into the promise land

In these very moments, I'm captured, captivated and mesmerised. 

The beauty of what family brings
In the 'mundane' I see true joy
Life's pleasant mysteries
Unfolding before me, priceless

Whether its the anxiety written all over an uncles face
As he sees the magician puts a sword through a throat 
Or the way a little girl runs with her dad 
Into the pouring rain with such glee on her face

I realise it's moments like these that I live for.

The same as sitting in my living room 
Watching tv and discussing with my family
Or time spent with friends
Laughing till my tummy hurts so bad

It's all about the people
And not just the ones I know
For I find such enjoyment
In people watching rather than a staged show

All the more am I pushed to share His love with them
For aren't they the very reasons He sent His Son?
May I continue to see the way my Dad sees
That in whatever situation, it really is 

All about the people...

Saturday, September 7, 2013


E  B  C#m  A


Let my heart sing to my King
Let these praises ring
From within 

When no words can convey
What I need to say
Into my heart You'll see
This is my heart song for You 

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Sitting in the airport
Pondering over my recent happenings
Overwhelmed by His Grace and Glory
I steady my heart

My flight is delayed says the speakers
And for once in my life I'm happy
Offering me time to reflect on His goodness
It's amazing what my God can do

Sang in the shower with liberation
Felt His presence literally
I didn't want to come out
The fact that He's everywhere comforts me

Understanding my true identity, my destiny
Even with a foreseen "failed" paper
And a hair color "gone-wrong"
I will not be shaken

Meeting Nick Vujicic
And having a good retreat up in Genting
I know I'm surrounded by the right people at the right time
Despite the doubts and self-depreciating

Sitting here is another bonus
Its not frequent that I get to fly MAS
With my sister here next to me
I just know we're His favored daughters

Taking a step at a time
One day at a time
I stand in expectancy for this "rushing" feelings
To occur even more regularly

That feeling not just inside my heart
But permeated into every part of my being
Overwhelming yet indescribable
God just captivates me

I know I've said this before
But God, You take my breathe away.
And me inside Your heart shall stay
For I can never see it any other way...