Sunday, October 7, 2012

Open Doors & so much more

Open doors and so much more
The things happening in my life
Leads to what He stands for
Answered prayers, no more insecure

Realized my jerking and dancing in the Spirit
Took away the 'joyful' part of me for a 'minute'
The confusion and disillusion
The many questions and not so helpful interventions

Been praying for 'open doors'
Since all my life (as a Christian)
"God bring them to me, it'll be easier that way
then me forcing You down their throat." I pray

And so a dear friend of mine
Shares how just in her 3 short months as a Christian
Have been experiencing open doors
Here, there and everywhere

Despite the odds and challenges she faces
She obeys.
Preferring things to slow down a bit
She reluctantly follows His voice
(But it still works!)

Sharing with me on how a 'neighbor' got saved
Through her 'visible' jerking
And how a taxi driver paid her
For the prophecy and prayer she gave

I was 'jealous' and wanted that
Facebook chatted with her to ask to pass me the anointing
And at that very moment received a timely message
From a 'treasure' we found from Treasure Hunt

And in it was a message from a girl from Iran
A friend of a friend (our founded trasure) 
Asking me about Christ and Church
Hungry for the knowledge of my King

And so that open door came
A huge, big one which opened right in my face
Confirming for the 'hundredth' time that I belong to my church
Despite the many many skeptical thoughts

Brought her to church
Didn't have to do much work
For it was all His doing
And my part in just obeying

So be careful of what you ask for
For when God answers and speaks
He leads you in tremendous ways
Just like how I met my open door

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fear of the Future

No more fear of the future
I think of this I'm quite sure
As I have this liberation
Of having no more tension

Gripped by the fear of not making it
Of being a cleaner or a sweeper
Deceptive thoughts that crept in
Crippling me in that present moment

Confidence lost
And victorious thoughts gone
I seep into this subtle depression
A world where I end up a failure

But I'll never reach my future
Two girls once told me
For when I've reached it
I have my "next" future to "fear" about

So there is no point
In worrying for something
That may never be of realization
For when it comes in motion

I'll be able
For my God is able
I'll be calm in the storms
And strong against the winds

The past months I tried looking, feeling and being happy
But deep down you know it's just all in the making
Right now, I'm totally sick with a bad sore throat
But deep down I feel peace and in the knowing

That my God holds the Universe
My future career, happiness and husband :P
My destiny belongs to Him
Fitting in His palm

And for that I can be reminded of Jeremiah 29:11
Being so sure of the fact that He is sure of my future
Although I'm quite clueless at the moment
via my opera
I have no more fear of the future....