Monday, May 4, 2015

True Love

True love....
Sometimes so overrated but the true essence of it undermined. 
We see "it" in movies
Hear "it" on the radio
Ever so often deduced to sexual intimacy
Or dangerous infatuation, running wild and free

True love....
My generation is deeply in lack of it
Choosing someone based on their looks 
Status and exterior
Opting for a temporal bliss when internal beauty is the defining factor
Treating the "chosen" one more like a trophy rather than a partner
Such self fish greed we possess
The things we do in the name of "love"

True love....
In these last days is truly hard to find
Just watch Gone Girl and you'll rethink of marriage
50 Shades of Grey and your love life turns greyer 
Manipulation, lies, violence and dominance
Is what dominates the current social culture

True love....
Unlike pain does not demand to be felt
It comes naturally, mysteriously, sometimes in the most unassuming ways
Between the least expected people 
But that's the beauty of it
The surprise and adrenaline it brings
Just cos you never saw it coming

True love....
Stands the test of time 
Knows no boundaries 
And has no depth
The longer you spend with that person
The deeper in love you fall 
Those precious moments waking up to beauty beside you, messy hair, bed head, no make up and all

True love....
Takes bravery, courage and vulnerability
The risk to be honest with someone 
The need for transparency 
With the added probability of being rejected
Yet you try and see whether it'll work
Because the greatest regret would be of not trying at all

True love....
Is what I hope to achieve
I haven't met mine yet
But I'm still waiting...
Patiently waiting
For God honours those who wait doesn't He?
And I've come to a point in my life where I know without a doubt that "Papa knows best"
And He knows what's best for me
He would never short change me

True love....
Something so pure, so rare, so extremely hard to find
But I still believe in it
I see it in the eyes of my favourite worship leaders and pastors
Through the genuity of my childhood friends parents
Old, wrinkled yet still so full and filled with the capacity to love
A love so subtly strong 
It takes your breathe away

True love....
Is my ultimate life goal
Because when two become one
You'd go further and stronger
And plus the fact that you two would have many mini "you's"
Oh such bliss true love could bring

True love....
I have faith that I'll meet that guy
I'll choose to love him with all my heart
For it's just a foreshadow of when the True Groom meets His spotless Bride
Such glory it embodies 
The power it holds
Purity, beauty and the bond that comes with staying holy

True love....
I'm hoping that "us" will happen soon
Cos I'm not that young anymore and the clocks ticking
So please God, help us "both" see when it's time to see
Despite the age gap, family background or cultural differences
Let our "yes" be decisions we both make
And that we'll choose to see our "yes" comes through till the end of days 

True love.... 
Is evident and I'm sure of it
My "Happily Ever After" as we ride through eternity
Call it day dreaming or even wishful thinking 
But I truly believe in it.

Because these three remain..
Faith, Hope & Love
But the greatest of these is LOVE..
And in that I rest my case.