Sunday, February 26, 2012

Catching My Attention

Woke up late and missed a class
Feeling regretful I start to think
Why this, why now
 I never miss my class!

Then I feel all lost and after washing up
I just sit on my bed
What to do now?
I sat and sulk

Fighting my urge to reach my cell and play Sudoku
Something I have been doing way too much lately
I felt the lead to just pray and worship
For it's ALWAYS an appropriate time to do that with Him

And so I reach for my guitar and strum something out
The last 2 strings makes this weird ringing sound
Trying not to fret and just to stay calm
I start praising God in an unwritten song I sung

Then I thought and think to myself
It's been quite a while since I've done that
Spend undivided time praising my King
And suddenly things starts falling back into place

God will do anything to catch my attention
To have that one-on-one time spent with Him
I'm not saying He made me miss my class
For that was all me

But He'll allow it for He sees different the way He sees
Quality time with His daughter is His priority
And that means its Him before classes, friends and events
The true reason of why I was created

To have communion and praise and worship Him
To be in awe of Him, of who He is
To sit there on  my bed and sing to magnify Him
There's no where else I'd rather be

So I should discipline myself all over again
To spend time with Him before the world snatches me out
For it's through missing a class and what seemed like a "BAD" day
That stopped me from being off track and realigned with THE WAY

I'm His priority and so is He mine
And I've come to realize that even drowning in all of these busyness
He'll take time to fish me out by
Catching my attention....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Traffic Jams

Never had I yearned for a traffic jam this bad
But this time is different
It's Your all consuming Presence
The way you fill me so deep wtihin my soul
That I know in this car
I am not alone

I hope for red lights
And stay on the left lane
Even though it is so bumpy
I still stay hungry
For more of Your presence in my life today

Like an Aurora Borealis
You amaze me again and again
Although that beautiful light can only be seen in the North Pole
I feel You right now right here in my car
So sweet
So tangible
I wish I can lock this moment up
And replay it whenever I want

I wish every traffic jam would be as good as I went through today...