Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Everyday Miracles- Making it a norm

Miracles, signs and wonders have been happening so frequently in the past 3 days that I have to constantly digest all that is happening. God is good. Making short and long legs grow even, giving height to those who wants more (thinking they're too short) , healing my ulcer (yes, He not only heals cancer but even small things like ulcers), taking away headaches, pains and tummy aches. The latest and most incredible was of a girlfriend who had her right eye blind. Even she herself wasn't sure of why her right eye started deteriorating when she was 15 and became completely blind in one eye. Having about 4 to 5 surgeries in a period of about 4 years, with each surgery amounting to about 10 to 20K, it was crazy. The emotional, physical, psychological and relational pain she and her family had to go through. But I saw God put a stop to it, and opened that right blinded eye, right before my very eye. The girls were in tears. The guys and all were overwhelmed. For I believe it was the first time for every person there, to have witnessed how great a miracle. 

She started crying and gazing, saying that she can see clearly. That gush of excitement and adrenaline rushing, can't help us comprehend what we just saw. Is it true that she can really see? Or is she being pressured to say that cos we were so many. I regretted that I doubted in my heart when we were praying, "Can You really open her eye? I know You can, but maybe not tonight? Silly me, O little of Faith!!! I was being so naive and being very rude and undeserving, doubting the hand of God, the creator of the Universe, the One who created the human body including the eye!

My friend did a few test on her, to see how much in percentage was her healing. At first she saw blur colors and shadows of people. Being able to see an outline of her surrounding, something she couldn't do before. (That's why she avoided sitting at the left of people just in case she didn't know they were even there in the first place.) But that night, she could vaguely make out those at her right. But it still gets better. We continue to pray as she could only make out shadows and outlines, for clearer vision, she needed to be able to read out words with the use of her right eye. We prayed and prayed, and after perseverance, worshiping God with a guitar, she made out the words of a shirt wore by a friend on her right "Miracle under the Azzuro Moon", our prom night's theme, sounded sweeter than it really was, spoken by a person who couldn't even make out the letters before. We started screaming, crying, some literally wailing, while I just fell to my knees to touch the tar road to know that all this was really happening. We were all truly overwhelmed with God's miraculous healing power.

We praised God and thanked Him. We believe this is just the start of a season of overflowing with miracles and signs and wonders. The big and small, the significant and insignificant. All that matters to God. I pray that as this miracle happens to a girl who has known God, strengthens her faith and the faith of the witnesses, more miracles such as this should happen upon pre-believers as well to show how real and loving our Father God is.

As for me, I shall doubt no more and have a renewal of the mind, having an expectancy for more of such happenings to arise. To believe that God won't stop this healing movement but escalate it faster and swifter and more rampantly. To start getting used to it. Cos isn't that what His word is all about? To bring Heaven on earth and to see everyday miracles become an interesting norm?

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
because he has anointed me 
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
and recovery of sight for the blind,
to set the oppressed free,
to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor."

Luke 4:18-19

PS: Sorry for the bad recording, it was our first time. :) It would get better in the next miracle healing, so do stay updated! Love y'all!

Subtle and Special Reminders

Its really crazy how things are happening these days
Nights on average with about 3 to 5 hours of sleep
Passing up assignments at 4.49 when its due at 5
Running countless of trips to and fro in a huge college-not fun
And having assignments being passed up later than the deadline

However, God has proven His grace and mercy over and over again
The favor given was never seen so great
Teacher who swears they'll never postpone deadlines, postponed them
Lecturer not present at her table during the deadline
Giving us space, making time ample

This one time I felt so alone
Cos we did the ultimatum by reshuffling the whole class
Groups where people didn't hate each other but wasn't fond of each other
Forced to do assignments together
Talk about the culture clashes, background mixes and communication lapse

It was the bright idea of a class rep and her assistant
To mix the students around to avoid being too clicky
Cliques broken for just one sem
To foster more friendships were our attempt
Little did we know that in people's hearts, they weren't content

But I don't regret
Because I still survived this sem
The hardest sem just yet
But I have a feeling I'll say that for every next sem
Cos it just gets more challenging as every year gets

1 subject on the Malaysian Constitution
Another on our Mass Media
Journalism 2, where deadlines are deadlines
And the tutor treating us like "real" journalists
Wanting genuine prominent interviews with "unreasonable" deadlines
(I doubt its unreasonable deadlines but some famous people just make things more difficult)

Toughest subjects just yet
And we were 'smart' enough to reshuffle
Making the lone riders the need to hustle
Giving us lessons to learn
And bringing out in teammates, their true colors

This one time I was rushing this particular assignment
Doing almost everything all by myself
Worried of the content, the Harvard referencing
Is my analyzation critical enough
Meeting the standard of higher education?

Through the running from CITC to class and back again
With my legs so tired but forced to carry me
A "not-so-close-friend" bumps into me
Saying "You haven't told me about your angels stories!"
A "we'll sit down one time and I'll share with you" comes from me

And then for that split moment as we rushed to our different destinations
She going off somewhere while I to class
With the adrenaline of rushing accompanying my
Something within gently reminds me
"Don't forget your glory encounters, and know that I am here"

A subtle, gentle yet special reminder
Coming from a friend whose curious of the Supernatural
Someone I meet less than 3 times a month
Reminding me that I have special encounters to share
And being adamant that until she hears them than only its fair

Or the way the skies were beholding the stars
Like a blackboard cleanly erased
Making the next few strokes of a chalk not vague
So many stars, so bright and beautiful
Gently reminding me again of my wonderful Creator

This special reminders means so much to me
That God comes through the strong sounds of rushing winds
But also through a still small voice that no one else can hear
If only we're quiet enough, to stop and breath
From the busy life we live than only can we see

The greatness of our God
The wonder of taking pleasure in all of His beauty
The stars, the trees, my college and friends
The sense of the urgency of a 'deadly' deadline
With a subtle and special reminder that God is still in control

I realize that although I want Him always on my mind
Busyness may subconsciously rob Him away
But nothing is too hard for Him
And with ease He just eases back into my thoughts
With the Subtle and Special Reminders He gives....